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Storyline | working on a grid

Good morning, everyone!

Happy Monday!

Today I'm sharing a fun & easy way to document an event or activity using a grid & Heidi Swapp's Storyline collection!

One of my very favorite scrapbook page designs is the grid. I use this design over and over and I never tire of it.

It's sweet & simple and crisp & clean and perfect. Plus, grid pages come together so quickly!

To create this page, I started with a 12"x12" Storyline background. These pages are available in every Storyline album and they are all ready to go! Just add your photos & embellishments and your WHO, WHAT & WHERE and you're done.

I took a ruler & my trusty pencil and spaced out my design.

The square embellishments in the Storyline Deck of Days packages are roughly 2"x2"...so I laid out my design to accomodate this size.

Then I printed my photos at the same size (2"x2") so everything would be uniform.

I added my Deck of Days embellishments - which are adhesive-backed, so all I had to do was peel off the protective sheet on the back, and stick! - and then I added my photos.

You may be able to see that I didn't bother to erase the grid lines I created on my page. I really like the way they look and how they add a bit of visual interest to my background.

I finished out my page by writing out the details of my story...my WHO, WHAT & WHERE.

This page came together so easily. Plotting out my grid took a few minutes, but once that was done, finishing was just a matter of placing each piece into position!

And I love the way it turned out!

Thanks so much for stopping by today...I hope I've inspired you to try scrapping on a grid for your next layout!

Grab the Heidi Swapp Storyline Collection at your Michaels store or on michaels.com

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Happy Father's Day! | HS Lightbox/Letterboard

Happy Sunday!

And Happy Father's Day to all of you dads out there!

Unfortunately, my husband has to work all day today...so the kids and I prepared a little surprise dinner for him for when he gets home...

We got the patio all ready...complete with both the Heidi Swapp Letterboard & Lightbox.

I really love these added pieces...especially this one from the kids.

And, because both the Lightbox and the Letterboard are COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE, you can use them for any occasion imaginable. 

Just change out your letters/icons/emojis and done!

We like to keep things pretty simple around here...so I added just a few inserts to my Lightbox. 

I love the clean, crisp look.

And as the sun goes down, all I have to do is flip the switch on the box to give our little party that extra touch of awesome.

I'm excited for Doug to get home tonight to see his little backyard celebration!

And I'm super excited for those steaks I'll be throwing on the grill...

Thank you so much for stopping by!

And Happy Father's Day!

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Heidi Swapp Neon Teen Room Decor

Hey hey!

Happy almost weekend!

I'm over on the Heidi Swapp blog today with a look at how I DIY'd one of Heidi's brand new Neon Wall Shapes...2 different ways!

Head on over to see how these two pieces came together...

...and then get yoself over to a Joann store to pick up your own Heidi Swapp Neon signs & light strings!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Heidi Swapp Storyline + Jane Davenport Inkredible Ink

Hello, hello!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I'm up on the Heidi Swapp blog today with a few Storyline layouts I created using the brand new Jane Davenport Inkredible Inks!

In an effort to keep things ultra-simple, I created the same layout twice...using just different colored ink and different Storyline Deck of Days kits...

For more photos and a closer look at how my pages came together, head on over to Heidi's blog!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
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