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It's a Heidi Holiday! | Lightbox Insert Printables

 8 days! 8 days!

With Christmas a mere 8 days away, I've started the final sprint to get everything done.

Last minute decorating, gift-wrapping, memory-album creating, baking, cooking & not-enough-sleeping.

And I love every minute of it.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas documenting this year is all of the free printables Heidi Swapp is offering as part of her Heidi Swapp Holiday Event.

Last week Heidi gave away a whole mess of Lightbox printables - perfect for both the original Lightbox and the Lightbox Mini!

Here's how I'm using them this season...

This darling "Days Until Christmas" printable comes ready for both Lightbox sizes. 

NOTE: Numbers are not provided on this printable. Use your own Lightbox numbers (or create your own!) to help you count down the days.

I printed out the Lightbox Mini size onto a sheet of transparency film and then grabbed some Lightbox numbers...

This darling little countdown stays on our breakfast table, ready to be updated each morning. 

ACK! It's so so darling!

The next design, also available in both original & mini Lightbox sizes is this one...
I decided I wanted to use this graphic in my Christmas Countdown album, the fantastic Photobook Kit (available at select Joann stores & on joann.com)...but first I needed to edit it just a bit.

Using my photo editing software (I use Photoshop CC), I erased the cut guidelines from the original graphic & moved the individual sections closer to each other to create one single image.

Then I printed out my finished graphic onto cardstock (4.5"x6.5"), matted it onto some of my favorite Buffalo Check paper from DCWV's Farmhouse Christmas Paper Stack (5"x7"), and then adhered that onto another piece of paper from the same stack (10"x7").

I folded the 10"x7" piece in half and added it to my album in the same way you add additional photos into a traveler's notebook...with a large rubber band.

Now I can add more photos/stories/embellishments to the inside of this new folded insert.

So, not only do I have this fun "Deck the Halls" graphic in my album, now I have added pages, too!

Don't you just love it?!

Next up is this fun image created for the original Lightbox.

I thought this adorable sentiment would look fantastic on gift tags, so I manipulated it a little in PS, printed it out and matted it onto some more awesome plaid paper from the Farmhouse Christmas Stack.

I love how textured and traditionally Christmassy it looks!

And Heidi's final design is this lovely "Jingle All the Way" - also designed for the original size Lightbox.
I'm still working on incorporating this design into our decor...I'm thinking maybe a wall print? 

Or, who knows...maybe I'll use it exactly how Heidi intended and add it to my Lightbox...

To see more Heidi Holiday inspiration check out #heidiswappholiday on IG!

Merry Christmas!

 Find all of Heidi's free holiday printables at heidiswapp.com

DIY Buffalo Check Banner | Heidi Swapp & DCWV

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you're undoubtedly aware of the huge Buffalo Check trend.

I LOVE Buffalo Check and I'm thrilled to be able to find it around every corner this holiday season.

But, I have to admit, the fact that it's so popular this year probably means it will be out of style before too much longer.


That's why I'm taking the liberty of decorating my house with as much Buffalo Check as it can stand this year.

I've got pillows & blankets, mugs & plates, a kitchen rug & flannels, notebooks & paper, a tablecloth & napkins - the list goes on and on...all in this fantastic pattern.

So when I decided I needed just one more Christmas banner, there was no doubt as to what design I'd use...

I started by grabbing some paper from two of my favorite Christmas-themed paper pads from Die Cuts with a View:

Farmhouse Christmas and...

...Happy Wishes.

And then, because I didn't have any white Buffalo Check paper left from the Farmhouse Christmas stack (ahem...that got used up almost immediately), I decided to make my own using these two gorgeous designs from the Heidi Swapp Hawthorne Collection.


...and Ethereal.

Enter my wicked kindergarten crafting skills.

Now, I know that just doing a simple paper weave doesn't produce an EXACT Buffalo Check per se...but it's darn close.

And the woodgrain & birch paper really add some texture and interest to my banner pieces, don't you think?

I created the woven pieces by cutting my paper down into 1/2" strips, and then I wove them together, gluing them onto a pre-cut piece of 4"x6" scrap paper.

I decided to hang my banner using pieces from one of Heidi's newest Christmas banners...this MERRY banner from the City Sidewalks collection.

I used the star light string & the clips from the set to create my new banner, and I love the way it turned out!

Plus, now I have the M-E-R-R-Y left from the kit to use in another project!

This banner took me almost no time at all to create...well, except for the woven pieces...but I made those while we were watching Home Alone during family movie night, so that time doesn't really count...(smile).

The banner looks perfect strung up with our Advent calendar, and amidst some of my other favorite holiday decor.

Here's to many more years of plaid, plaid & more plaid!

Merry Christmas!

SUPPLIES | Heidi Swapp Hawthorne Patterned Paper: Midnight, Ethereal, Heidi Swapp City Sidewalks Merry Banner, DCWV Paper Stacks: Farmhouse Christmas, Happy Wishes  

My favorite gift...plus, a GIVEAWAY from JORD

Merry merry everyone!

Christmas is right around the corner - can you even believe it?! - and I can't wait!

I'm a huge proponent of the idea that giving is way better than getting...but I gotta be honest -
getting isn't too bad, either.

And, because my darling children can't always be trusted to get me exactly what I want (case in point:
For my birthday, I asked for a certain cookbook and received a phone charger...???),
I decided to get my own gift this year.

Now you've heard me talk about this company before...I've worked with them for a couple of years now...
but I've never been more excited about their products than I am now.

JORD (pronounced YODE) is a St. Louis-based company that makes the most beautiful watches...
and this is the gorgeous piece I recently received.

Meet the CASSIA Ebony & Sable.

Isn't she GORGEOUS?!

JORD describes this watch as "the statement piece you've been waiting for."

And they're absolute right.

Now, I will admit, before working with JORD I wasn't much of a "watch person."

I mean, I used to be - like 20 years ago - but I figured, I have my phone now - what on earth do
I need a watch for?

My husband, however, LOVES watches and has an entire collection...including several from JORD.

After seeing how much he loved the quality, craftsmanship & style of his JORD pieces -
and seeing how many freaking compliments he would get while he was wearing one -  I decided it
was time for me to try wearing a watch again.

Now I don't go a day without wearing one of my beautiful timepieces...my wrist feels naked
without one.

Plus, it just looks so darn good!

And, because I love you guys so much, and I want to share my love for these gorgeous piece of jewelry,
I want to give one of you $100 off the watch of your choice from JORD...yayayay!

All you have to do is enter HERE!

And guess what? Even if you don't win, all entrants will be emailed a code for 10% off the watch
of their choice!

Honestly, these watches are the perfect gift for anyone on your list...and I highly recommend them.

Wouldn't a JORD watch look so lovely under your tree this year?

Here are just a few facts of about JORD watches...

*JORD watches are a sophisticated mix of natural & largely reclaimed materials,
combined with quality movements and components.

* Most watch backplates can be engraved! I had this one (the Frankie Koa & Ash)
engraved with our wedding date for my husband last year...

Gorgeous, right?

* Watches can be pre-sized for the recipient, too!

* Most watches have additional options for customization, too! Like mixing &
matching faces and woods! What??? I know! So good!

Plus, every watch comes with a one year warranty and options for return & exchange.

Oh, I can't forget - JORD provides

ENTER HERE for your chance to win a $100 gift code toward your favorite JORD watch!

But don't delay - the contest ends January 1, 2019!

Thank you so much for entering! And Merry Christmas everyone!

DISCLAIMER: I received my CASSIA Ebony & Sable as compensation for reviewing JORD and their watches.
Please know that this review reflects exactly how I feel about JORD watches and my opinion is entirely mine.
I had purchased JORD watches before working with them, and I will continue to do so.

Wooden Wrist Watch

Journal Studio Pocket Folders DIY

Hello, hello!

If you've found your way over here from the Heidi Swapp blog, welcome!

If you made it to this post before seeing Heidi's, head on over there super quick to see what's happenin'...

Here's the folder I gave you directions for on Heidi's site...

Next up are the instructions for the other two folders I showed you.

This first folder is probably the most straight-forward and easiest to make...just 2 sheets of 12x12 patterned paper (either double- or single-sided), and a couple of scraps are needed.

1. To begin, cut your papers to the following sizes: 12x8.5, 2 @ 3.5x8.5 & 2 @ approximately 2x3.

2. Turn your 8.5x12 paper over and score at the measurements shown below.

3. Then, fold this paper in half width-wise.

4. Fold over each flap at your score marks.

 5. Turn your paper over and adhere one 3.5x8.5 piece to each flap...leaving just about .25" of paper on the outside of each score mark (or fold).

6. With your paper still turned over, and, using your craft knife, trim a small triangular section off the top of each flap, from the score (fold) mark inward toward the middle of the folded folder.

7. Fold each 2x3 scrap in half length-wise...

8. ...and apply adhesive to both sides of your fold.

9. Open each flap on your folder and adhere your folded scrap along the bottom of each side...making sure to stay close to the outside edges of your flaps.

 10. Fold in your flaps and press down along the bottom edges to make sure each side is securely adhered.

That's it! You're done!

NOTE: You may choose to simply adhere the bottom edges of each flap to the back side of the folder directly. That's totally fine...adhering them to the scrap paper first just gives a little extra room inside your folder for more stuff.

And, finally, we have the larger pocket insert...

I love this design because it has both deep and shallow pockets and can be used for bigger items like passports or larger papers.

This insert calls for 2 pieces of patterned paper...cut to the following dimensions:

1. To begin, score your paper along the middle (at 4.75") and up from the bottom 2.5".

2. Fold your paper along the middle score line and trim off the corner created by the middle fold and your 2.5" score line.

This is what your paper will look like when you open it back up...

3. Next, fold your 5.5x9.5 paper in half width-wise and, using your 1" circle punch, punch a half-circle into the middle of each side, along the top, of your paper.

NOTE: This step is totally optional...I just like the way the half-circles look punched into my pockets.

Here's what your paper will look like when you're done.

4. Place the bottom edge of your 5.5x9.5 paper along your 2.5" score line and adhere onto the inside of your 10.75x9.5 paper, along the sides and bottom only.

5. Fold up each bottom flap along your 2.5" score line...

6. ...and adhere each flap along the left-hand edge to create your shallow pockets.

7. Fill with your favorite items and add to your journal!

Thank you so much for stopping in to check out how I created these inserts!

I hope I've inspired you to play with some of your favorite paper today...

SUPPLIES | Emerson Lane Double-Sided patterned paper, Emerson Lane 12x12 paper pad, Emerson Lane Stickers, Emerson Lane Ephemera, scoring board & bone folder, craft knife, ruler, self-healing craft mat, adhesive, 1" circle punch (optional), corner rounder (optional)

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