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National Lazy Moms Day!

Happy Friday!

And Happy National Lazy Moms Day!

You know...I love the idea of this day.

A day for moms to just take a break, no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry...

In theory, it's an excellent concept.

But we all know, no matter how I announce to my family that I'm taking the day off (the Heidi Swapp Letterboard is the best way I know how...), the work is still gonna be there tomorrow.



I'm just going to pretend that today will last forever.

If you need me, I'll be sitting on this huge pile of laundry enjoying my coffee.

Have a great weekend!


SUPPLIES | Heidi Swapp Letterboard - Black Medium, Letterboard Alphabet 2" White

Heidi's Neon Glow...perfect for dorm room decor!

Back-to-school season is in full swing!

I just love this time of year...fresh starts & new pencils with autumn right around the corner.

And new beginnings are the perfect time for a change in decor! Especially for that college student looking to create a more unique and personalized dorm room.

Now, I know most college kids have already left for school...

...but that doesn't mean you can't send that special co-ed a care package that includes some fun new decor!

I mean, who doesn't love getting a box full of their favorite stuff?

Pop in a Heidi Swapp Neon Word & some Neon Wire (don't forget the batteries!) and watch your kid's room go from ho-hum to awe-some in just a few minutes!

Simply have your student add the Neon Wire to the word using the diagram on the back of the word's packaging, pop the batteries into the wire's pack & done!

Neon Words are so on-trend right now and are a fantastic addition to any bed, wall, nightstand, door, cork board, sorority house, anywhere!

And Heidi Swapp's Neon Words can be customized with a variety of wire colors! You can even paint the words to match school colors or decor design...they're the perfect little DIY project.

Find Heidi's Neon Words/Neon Wire at a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store near you or at joann.com .

SUPPLIES | Heidi Swapp Neon Wall Words - dream, Neon Wire - Pink

Scrapping a large photo with Storyline

When it comes to scrapbooking, I tend to think that you should just start where you are...don't worry about scrapping photos from years ago first - you'll never get anything done!

But lately, as I've been going through some older photos (you know, in my life-long quest to get organized), I've decided that some of those photos need to find their place in an album.

And the best (and easiest & FASTEST!) way I've found to do just that is with Heidi Swapp Storyline.

I came across the above photo recently. I had kept it in a frame in our living room for years...but it had been replaced and then just added to "the stack" of photos that have taken up residence in a cart in my scrap area.

Because it's one of my favorite photos EVER, I decided it had to be scrapped - right then & there. So I challenged myself to get a layout done in 20 minutes or less...I even told myself I couldn't do anything else until it was finished.

I grabbed a few Deck of Days sets (Everyday, Little Moments & Adventure) and started going through them...pulling out pieces I liked as I went.

Now, because I was starting with an 8x10 photo, I knew I didn't have to grab too many. The photo itself would take up most of the room on the page. I just needed a few to help embellish the layout...nothing too crazy.

I kept my design very simple. I adhered my photo to the background page and then simple added my stickers in a line down the left-hand side. 

I added the all-important WHO, WHAT & WHERE and then added a few lines of journaling to help me remember an important fact about the day.

I finished this page in just over my 20 minute goal...it took about 25 minutes...and I love it!

Then I added it to my Storyline "Family" album, where it will have a much better home...

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Find all of your Storyline supplies at a Michaels store near you!

Back to School


I can't believe it's already almost here.

The end of summer.

As my kids get older, and more fun to be with, I dread the end of summer...it just comes way too quickly.

I do, however, LOVE me some new school supplies...

...and the Heidi Swapp Lightbox...

So I guess there's that...(smile...).

Pick up your Lightbox, and those fantastic Lightbox Alphabet Inserts at your local Michaels, and on michaels.com now.
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