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OK, so last week I posted about a giveaway on Kara's Party Ideas about a Silhouette giveaway she was having...so today, while I'm doing my daily computer-stuff checking, I notice that Kara has left me a note asking me to check her blog...

LO AND BEHOLD!!! I WON the giveaway!!! I am now the proud new owner of one of these miraculous machines!!! And it's so crazy, cuz I was just on the phone with my dear friend, Liz, today and she told me that she bought a Silhouette and was anxiously awaiting it's arrival! Maybe we can trade tips and tricks...;)

I can hardly believe it...I'm in a state of shock.

My Mom says I should play the lottery. My husband says that's probably taking things a little far...

I just can't wait to get started on this baby!!!
I'll be sure to post projects as soon as I've played around with it a bit...


  1. oh YIPEE Maggie. how fabulous!!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!! this machine has found a very good home!

  2. Yeah, Maggie!
    You will surely be more crafty than me, but I can't wait to share tips!!

  3. MAGGIE!!! I'm sooooo excited for you!!! This machine couldn't go to a better person!! YAY!!! Have a wonderful weekend.


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