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HATE your blog name...

Yep, it's true...I HATE my blog name...really, really, really hate it...
I don't know why I picked it...yes, I do...'cause I can be soooo incredibly impulsive. Sometimes (most times) I don't think things through well enough and I end up having to re-do stuff more often than I care to mention...

Case in point: Midwestern Sewing Girl.

What?!?!?! Does it even make sense?
Yes, I live in the Midwest
Yes, I like to sew (I mean I'm not sew-ing at the moment, but I do like to sew)
Yes, I'm a girl (well, I'm 38, so girl may not have been the best word...)

But altogether it sounds...hmm...how should I put this? Oh, I don't know... completely suckish.

I picked the name to sort-of go along with my etsy shop: my sweet kate without being exactly the same... ("But wait," you say..."my sweet kate & midwestern sewing girl aren't even close to the same thing!") - I thought I could talk about all things crafty, sew-ey, etc. without having to focus mainly on shop happenings (which I would have felt compelled to do had I named the blog "my sweet kate").

So, now I'm stuck with it...I guess I could change it...I could go through the trouble of starting a new blog (with a new name...I have about 12 million floating around in my head as I write this). But I feel like I'm maybe just starting to maybe carve out a little space in blogland just for me and my ideas...

I could call the blog something new and just keep my domain name the same, but geez, that's confusing...

or, I could just be a big girl (there's that word again...) and deal with it. And make the most of it. And realize it's mine...I picked it, and it's mine. And like any other "mistake" I make, I can learn from it and move on. So, that's what I'm gonna do...you're stuck with me, the Midwestern Sewing Girl...name and all...

I do need a better photo, though...my top lip seems to be missing in this one...yikes, don't look too closely...it's creepy...


  1. Maggie I love your blog name. But I agree that changing it would cause a lot of upheaval in what you've already got going. I say stick with it, it's original and you and I like all the connotations that come with it. You can call me Eastcoast Sewing Girl!

  2. You know what? I think many bloggers find that as their interests, and their blog evolve, they find they would like to change the name of their blog, but realize the hassle it is to do so. You aren't alone I'm sure. Your blog description rounds it out nicely. I think it can be a challenge if a blog name is too obvious, to not be overly repetitive in the description and the about me section. Yours is all nicely balanced.


  3. I can SOOOO relate! My original blog name was... wait for it... it's incredibly thought out... The Westerman Family. Seriously, that was how "creative" I was? So, I changed it because I rolled my eyes everytime I saw it. Of course my url is still the same because I know NOTHING about that stuff. Even now I find myself thinging my new blog name, Crazy Wonderful, isn't even that great! Oh well. I'll probably always question my choice :D

    And, for what it's worth, I've always thought your header was perfectly laid out because it showes your other interests as well.


  4. I love your blog name! And, I was hopping around here yesterday and thinking that your header was fantastic (wondering how to incorporate something like that on my own header--blatantly stealing was my best idea--lol!) and wishing I had a picture as beautiful as yours! I can't believe those are the things that are bugging you--you're crazy! ;) Love your blog and everything about it!!

  5. I love the blog name! Seriously, it was part of what caught my interest in your blog in the first place--ready for my super-smart thought process the first time I came over here? Here it is: "Midwestern? I like the Midwest! Sewing? I love sewing! Girl?! I'M ALSO A GIRL!!! I'M GONNA LOVE THIS BLOG!!!" It's great, you're great, your top lip is great . . . just a whole lotta greatness.

    (Also, I had no idea you were 38. This whole time, I've been wondering how on earth you managed to have 3 kids by the time you were 25-ish, which I how old I guessed you were based on your picture. Another win for Maggie!)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  6. Really? I always liked your blog name. I am sometimes bugged by my blog name too. But I have had to just get over it. But I have been wanting to start and Etsy shop and you know what is holding me up? A name! I know I will be stuck with it. So many are already taken. I don't want it to be my blog name as it won't be just coastal stuff. So I have been mulling it over. For months. I'm getting nowhere!

  7. I like the name! I went through this same thing...although with mine (Adventures of a Betty Crocker Wannabe), I just decided a needed a fresh start. A Simply Klassic Home goes along with my design blog so that's why I picked it! Anyway, I still love your name, it's cute!! (and there's nothing wrong with saying "girl"!! :))

  8. I actually love your blog name ... I think it's so cute. It makes me envision all sorts of good things. Plus, your header is perfect because you incorporated in all the other things you do. I wouldn't change it at all!

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  10. Just leave it alone. If it aint broke don't mess with it. Just keep on crafting and enjoying life.

  11. I like it too. Weird I was just thinking about how much better everyone else's blog names are. It's descriptive, catchy and it works for what you do! Go sew something and it'll come back to you :)

  12. There's days I feel the same about all of my blogs. The one I'm using now started out as a 365 and I just left it. Some days it's just easier that way lol. I can't believe your 38?! You are the same age as I but look about 15 years younger...what's up with that?! You need to share that fountain of youth girl!!!

  13. Get out you crazy girl! I love it... so not suckish... its part of why I'm following you. Because I love the Midwest... and well, sewing. :)

    On the flip side, I feel ya. I'm the Starr Family. That's not suckish, its self-absorbed. Our name in the lights. :)

  14. When I started my blog I truly had no idea what I was doing... Didn't have a *clue* as to what to use as a name... I'm not over the top about the name "Toqua's Crafts" but had (still have) no IDEA what else to use! LOL Your blog name doesn't 'suck' - trust me!


  15. I was just having this conversation in my own head yesterday! I, like you am very impulsive so the only way for me to begin my blog was to just jump in. Would love to change my blog name but probably just gonna stick with it. :-)

  16. Really Maggie? I love the name...maybe because I am also a Midwestern Sewing Girl. But I too need a picture of me but it is kind of an uncomfortable thing for me. I like TAKING the pictures NOT being in them!!


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