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Yay! Today I'm the guest poster over at The CSI Project!!! I'm so excited!
Come on over and see what I did with this...


  1. hi maggie! just found you thru csi...your blog is adorable :) i'm midwestern girl too...nice to meet you!

  2. Yayyy Maggie I love your guest post! You are just great! And the bench is so sweet---the whole re-do is prefect---!!!! I totally wish we could garage sale together!

  3. Girl, you are just too cool. I LOVE the porch makeover! Why aren't we neighbors yet?! Want to move to Utah with me? Just be at my house next week and you can drive on out with me ;-)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  4. #1. I just realized I'm not a follower of your blog (how in the heck did that happen???)..but it's taken care of now and I'm happily following.

    #2. I just got a new camera for my birthday and totally want to try making your camera strap---it's so cute.
    ps---I'm dying to see what you are using that groovy looking chalkboard thing for...

  5. Love what you've done with your front porch!! Congrats for being featured on CSI!!!

  6. Fantastic Maggie... your pillows look so fresh against the bench. A pop of color does wonders for any space!


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