Guess where I am today!!!

I'm over at House of Hepworths guest-posting while Allison is on vacation! Yay!!!

Come on over and check out my post &, if you're not already familiar with it, Allison's amazing blog!

Aaaaand, please make sure to check out the One Month To Win It Blog today for the start of Season 5! Yours truly is one of the competitors...(yay!). While you're there, please vote for your favorite project...thanks!!


  1. Hi Maggie, just coming over from HoH! :) I LOVE the fabric you used on that ottoman, and your map lamp shade is gorgeous!

  2. I {think} I voted for you...I could kind of tell by your lovely photos :) Good job Maggie!

  3. Hey lady,
    Like elizabeth I think I voted for you as well. Is it cheating to send us secret emails of what your projects are so we can vote for them?

  4. Over from HOH! Great blog--I'm your newest follower. Good luck on OMTWI!

  5. Yeahhhh you rock! I am so happy to see you over there!!!! :o)

  6. HOW COOOLLL I just now had time to go and check out 1 month 2 win it!!! I LOVE the idea and I am SO excited that you are in it! I will for sure be going over and voting each week! I SO hope you win! :o)

  7. I'm glad you got to guest blog on my site! Thanks for making a post letting your readers know!


    Allison @ House of Hepworths


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