One Month To Win It...{OMTWI}

Have you heard of the "One Month To Win It" blog...?


I came across the awesome blog a few weeks ago through another blog (I'm so sorry I can't remember which one!) and saw that it was a crafting competition blog that runs on a monthly basis...aaaand, they had just happened to be having auditions the following week. So, I through my hat into the ring (actually it was my corkboard makeover), and was chosen to be a competitor for July's contest! Yay!!!'s what happens...every week the competitors (starting with 12 and dwindling down as the weeks go by) will enter a project that has to do with that week's theme...the projects will be posted every Monday (starting next Monday, June 27!)...public voting will be held Monday-Wednesday & the winning projects will be announced Friday. The following week the remaining contestants will show their projects and the whole thing starts again...for 4 weeks.

The projects are posted anonymously and the themes are kept under cover until the projects are posted...this is awesome and I believe it gives anyone just as good a chance to win as anyone else.

I gotta tell ya...I'm soooo excited! I love being given a challenge...being told, "let's see how you can do this" and then doing that. The thing I'm kinda worried about is the voting. I'm not great at failing...I'm kinda fragile. BUT, this will be a character builder, right?!?! No matter what the outcome I'm completely excited!!!

I would love love love if all of my readers would head over to the blog next Monday and check out the projects...and then place your vote for the one you love the best...

OH! And OMTWI is taking a month off for August, but be sure to keep checking their blog for their audition schedule!

Wish me luck!!!


  1. How fun! The voting is definitely a little nerve-wracking (at least I feel that way about SYTYC) but it's a neat challenge trying to come up with something creative every week. And keeping it anonymous is good - it keeps it from being a popularity contest. You'll do so great! I can't wait to see what you make.

  2. Good luck! I'll make sure to head on over there on Monday!

  3. Woo hoo how exciting!! I've never heard of that blog but I will definitely be checking it out. Congrats to you, and kudos for taking a chance. I know you will do great!!!

  4. Thanks for letting everybody know! Come over and see some reupholstery.

  5. I liked your page- pleasure. I do love this idea of a crafting competition, a great way to raise the creative bar. I will head over there now. A big well done to you.

  6. That's awesome! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  7. yay!!!! i will have to start following the competition....and voting a lot for you!!!! Good luck!!!1

  8. Congrats on getting into the competition! I will check it out and vote for you!!


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