...saturday's 2-minute makeover...

If you've been reading this blog for a little while, you may remember me talking about trying to de-brown my living room...everything was brown. Brown, brown, brown, brown & brown...

So, in an attempt to lighten things up, I started adding a lot of lighter (mostly white) accents...which I adore...but, apparently I become blind to my own decorating & I started to over-do it again...

My husband, with so much love and tact says to me last night..."Honey...please don't take this the wrong way. I'm not commenting on your decorating style. I just have a question...do you think things are starting to look too white in here? A little washed out maybe? Could we maybe add a little color?"

Isn't he the best? He knows me so well...he broached that subject perfectly...

And, I'll be damned...you know what? He was soooooo right...

I stepped back and decided I needed to do something...quickly...so I went shopping...in my basement...

Here we are with the before:

One quick pillow switch & a couple of flowers and POW! ZOOM! PRESTO CHANGE-O!

The after:

 I think it looks a whole lot better...the black and white damask is so bold & really stands out and kind of updates the room...the pink flowers are (in my opinion) the perfect splash of color...

2 minutes...a whole new room...love.
Now...about that carpeting...honey?


  1. cute!! i was just telling my sister that i have the hardest time accessorizing my house without everything just feeling cluttered. do you know what i mean? i love how the pillow and the flowers make a statement in this one and definitely does not overdo it! nice!

  2. So pretty! The flowers and pillow make such a huge difference! I LOVE the plates on the wall--super cute! I need to de-brown my living room too. I was just complaining to my mom (an interior designer) that my living room is just so brown . . . and I don't know how it happened, because I sure do love me some color! Here's to the next living room being a little more colorful!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  3. So, today I have two brown sofas delivered, lols.

  4. Gotta like the color added by the flowers and the pillow is stunning and provides a great accent.
    I love how husbands just keep an eye on the big picture :)

  5. It's amazing what a little pop of color will do!
    (btw - the coffee stain and the army guys make me love you even more...)

  6. Looks beautiful. I love the black and white damask. But I liked the lotso white too! ;)

  7. Love it!...For the carpet stain you may want to try a product called Awesome...you buy it from the dollar store....I use it for everything and it is truly awesome..It works when nothing else does.

  8. I need you to come and spend two minutes in my house! And then you could just stay longer and hang out! ;D

  9. I need you at my house!!!! And I have the same "brown" problem. We moved in 6 years ago when everything was taupe...and I jumped on the bandwagon. Now, I am wanting to change it all. I repainted downstairs a greenish neutral, but I am still trying to de-taupe everything else. Head west...my dear. I need you!

  10. Love the pillow. The extra splash of color looks fantastic. Love it.


  11. Ha! Fabulous and fresh... and FREE! What is not to love about that!

  12. Oh, but you are a decorator! What you did is perfect! With your daughters bedroom set, I'm with you...Chip off those shells and add what you like!


  13. sorry lorie!-mags is comin to OUR house to gang out first lol! ;) love it girl, as always!

  14. Without flowers yard not looks very beautiful. And because of it I like second photograph. You are very good decorator.


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