...some family {photos}...and an I Heart Faces entry

Last weekend was my niece Ellie's 5th birthday...

My brother, Tim, and his family live only about 45 minutes from us, but we usually see each other only on birthdays and holidays...

Timmy & me...holy crow, do I look old in this photo...yikes...

He's a wonderful father...

And his girls are so adorable...

this photo is my I Heart Faces entry...


I didn't happen to get any photos of my nephew or my sister-in-law...they were too busy with party stuff & playing with Nerf guns (my nephew was playing with the Nerf guns, not my sister-in-law...although I think usually she is not above a fun-filled shoot-out...) but they are adorable, too... I did, however, get a disproportionate number of photos of little Tori...but seriously, how could I not? She's beautiful...

...and she loves balloons...

...thanks for letting me share these people I love...


  1. Really lovely photos- those blue eyes really shine!

  2. Such pretty photos . . . I love the one of your niece! That's just beautiful! And are you crazy? You don't look old. Not one bit.

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  3. you've got some MEAN photography skills, girl! and if YOU look old, we all do!!! quit that negative talk! :) you're gorgeous! have a great day!!

  4. That photos is gorgeous! And you don't look old...you look lovely.

  5. Great photo's Maggie! I just LOVE that one of Tori. Hope you win :) And don't forget, 1/2 of the precedes go to the Tori college fund, LOL! It was real good to see you and your family

    Love your sis-in law

  6. Love the pics the girls are so cute!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.

  7. I am LOVING your blog!! So cute! Following you now!


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