...you may have noticed...

...that I changed up my blog a little this weekend...(it's not quite done...I'm having a little trouble getting my background image - from The Graphics Fairy - behind my header...ideas???)

Some people have a very hard time with change...here's something you should know about me...I have a very hard time keeping things the same for very long...things like home decor, linens, my wardrobe, things like that...my husband & kids are welcome to stay as long as they like...(and they'd better stay...if they know what's good for them...).

So...I was starting to think that my blog was looking a little messy, a little scattered...
I wanted something a little more fresh, a little brighter...and I think that's what I got...

Here's something else you should know about me...I'm a font hoarder. Yes, I admit it. I love fonts. I know, I know...you're thinking, "yeah, so, who doesn't?" But I reeeaaallly love fonts...like I think I need another external hard drive just to store them...just kidding, honey - I don't need another one...yet (wink).

Anyway, when I was searching for the fonts I wanted to use for my new design I came across some awesome ones...wanna see?

First off, here are the ones I used...

And here are some more from my stash...

I know...I love them, too...

Want 'em?

Lobster Two
Century Gothic - (this should come standard on your computer)
The Blue Cabin

Long live font designers...


  1. Yup, another Font lover here as well :)
    Thanks for the new ones

  2. I love it so far!!
    I am a change girl
    too ~
    Thank you for the cool font


  3. Lookin good! Thank you for the font links too! I just downloaded selfish and trashed.

  4. Ok so I thought you had made changes and started to put a ps on my last comment but then got all paranoid and thought maybe I'm crazy and nothing is different and deleted it.

    I really love the colors and your blog looks so clean and happy. It's great.
    (ps---I love fonts as well. How can you not?)

  5. It looks awesome Maggie - I'm really impressed!! Love the colors, and I emailed you to help you out with the header.

  6. I think it looks wonderful. I like change too. I change the header every month at Katherines Corner. Hugs!

  7. Wow... it looks fantastic! I love the feel you have created - really fresh and relaxing. Bravo my friend! ps... I love fonts too and you were spot on with the ones you chose - perfect fit. AJ


  8. LOVIN' the clean new look! And from one font hoarder to the next, Viva la fun fonts forever!! :)


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