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Well, it's that time again...back to school...and I. CAN'T. WAIT.
The kids have started to fight...like every single minute. They need school again as much as I need to have them there...and they agree. In fact, they were so excited about school shopping they could hardly stand it.

And when I say they couldn't stand it, I mean they were so excited we couldn't get anything done. Has that ever happened to you?

The day we decided to buy school supplies we were THAT family in Wal-Mart...you know, the one with the kids who won't stop yelling, running, giggling, knocking stuff over and fighting...and the Mom who just looks tired and hopeless & like she has given up. You feel a pang of pity for her & a huge sense of relief that those aren't your kids...yeah. That was us.

Soooo, I did what I have often had to do when we all shop together. I threw a bunch of stuff into the cart, hoping that I'd picked up at least one or two of the things the kids need. I swear, I don't know how you Moms & Dads with more than 3 kids do it...I really, truly don't. And homeschooling Moms? Don't even get me started... you guys are amazing. But, I digress...back to the matter at hand...

When we got home I felt as crazed as the kids...to be honest, I'd kinda had it...so I decided to let them do their own back-to-school shopping. I set up all of the things we had bought in piles, put out the supply lists and the next morning I let the kids have it at...they each got to pack their backpacks with the things they need & I didn't have to spend any more time apologizing to strangers...

As it turns out, I was able to get most of the things on the lists...we were a few things short, but I'll brave the store again before school starts...with a much smaller list...

12 days and counting...hope I make it.


  1. We did the back to school shopping in stages ... two kids one day, two kids another day. It's a beating on the mind and the wallet, isn't it? I think my kids are ready for the routine of school again too.

  2. Maggie I'm so jealous of your 12 days. I did the same, crazy lady with 3 kids all yelling, I can't think and then end up missing half the stuff on the list. What fun your kids must've had 'shopping' at home. Only 4 WEEKS to go - I'm dying here.

  3. Love that you had them go "shopping" the next morning, and you had everything set up so sweetly...maybe we can all come by your house to BTS shop it's about that time for us too :)

    Anyone who says they haven't been THAT family, isn't tellin' the truth! And speed shopping, is the best, wait what did I buy? ;)


  4. Ha! This post made me laugh! I was exactly the same way the other day and we only had to buy bookbags:) bts shopping is the worst!

    This year I ended up buying the kit from school already assembled with all the school supplies. saved.my.life.

    I have always said I would be the worst home-schooler mom ever.

  5. I'm going today for the first time! My oldest is going into kindergarten. Brings back sweet memories, though, I used to loooooove new school supplies. I'll have a 5, 4 and 1 year old with me....oy.

  6. Haha! We, too, were THAT family the other night while trying to do BTS for clothes for my daughter (going into 1st grade) with her 3-yr old brother in tow. Not. fun. I only have 2 munchkins to contend with, so I applaud all of you with 3+ kiddos! Really hoping that my hubby will keep the lil'guy, so I can take my daughter to get her school supplies...2 weeks from today and counting...!!

  7. One word: Amazon.

    And I only have one :)

  8. We give crazy lists now, too! Then on the first day, we have 30 giant containers of hand sanitizer and kleenex!

  9. our list was super short - some folders, a backpack & glue sticks,we had to pay a $15 fee for the rest of the school supplies... today was the first day for ben & he's ready for tomorrow!!

  10. My table will look like this soon, this weekend is tax free holiday so I'm going school shopping, I'm kind of excited for them to go back, its good for them and for me to be able to work and go to the gym, I dont think its being selfish...right?

  11. Awesome idea to let them shop for their own stuff!

  12. Oh Maggie, you'll make it! Just think of the pay off a few quite hours to yourself every day!!! I bet the kids enjoyed doing their own "Shopping"


  13. For the past 30+ years I have been the "creator" of the schooll supply list so it is fun to see your photos of the other side - the "shoppers". They all look pretty excited.


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