...future awesomeness...I hope...

Wanna see a couple of the goodies I've picked up as of late?

I got this at Spree yesterday...$2.99...I gotta tell ya...at the time I bought it I had big plans for some sorta back-to-school thing happenin' - now I'm not so sure...ideas? I think it would make a good photo prop???

This awesome vintage fan I picked up at the same sale I scored the vintage egg baskets & the cow-milkin' stool...the fan was $3.00...looooove it. Big plans for fall decor...
And the small little lamp was $2.99 at Savers...spray paint & a new (or updated) shade are in this little guy's future...

Next up (and I think this is my favorite) is this ridiculously cool vintage clock  ($5.99 at Savers) that will eventually go into the boys' room...does it work? Don't know. Don't care. It's awesomesauce.
And finally, is this oval shadow-boxish thing...what's inside? Could be a dried plant of some sort, could be a dead moth...either way, I'm pretty creeped out by it. However, at just .99, I couldn't pass it up...let's hope inspiration hits me. Hard.


  1. Great finds! I love that little house thingy at the top and the radio! I just bought myself one of those vintage fans, great for staging furniture. :)

  2. I love all of your treasures but my favorite is the vintage fan. I want one so bad. It is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see what you do with all this goodness.


  3. Seriously, please come over and decorate my house!

  4. I can't believe you got that fane for $3! Way to go girl, I've seen those price MUCH higher at flea markets, etc. Your clock is also VERY cool. Not that you asked, but I could see that lamp looking good in the "Looking Glass" spray paint or some other type of silver/mirror finish.

  5. What great finds!! I love that fan! The little school house it adorable!!

  6. Awesomeness for sure!! Love the clock and the fan! Don't know what that thing is on the bottom but I'm sure you'll make it in to something great. Also, I can't believe the prices. Major score.


  7. that clock is pure awesomeness! Love it! You're right though that last thing is a little scary. I hope it cant get open and get out;) Very fun stuff! But this month I'm trying to not buy anything more for my house!
    love, moreygirl

  8. I can't decide which is my favorite---the clock or the fan. Both of them are super cool.

    Last night elizabeth and I went thrifting...you should have seen the pile of craziness in our cart. We bought the most random things----wooden ladders, spandex, and like a million zippers.

    It was a successful trip but I don't think we ended up with anything cute enough to post on our blog...yet.

  9. such great finds...love the clock also.

  10. I love the little school house. You could do something so fun with it for a little back to school breakfast or something ... it's so cute.


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