...my baby turns 4 & Sketch Inspiration...

Today my baby turns 4...my sweet, handsome, crazy, stubborn, rough, all-boy, loud (extremely loud), caring, loving, darling little baby turns 4 years old...

Here's a sweet shot of him from his first day of Preschool last Friday...along with his back-to-school poster from I Heart Naptime...

I love you, Tyler...Happy Birthday, sweet boy.

NOW...for some fun...

Do you scrapbook? Ever thought of doing it? Love it, but just don't have the time?

Scrapbooking is definitely my very first craft-related love...I was cutting out words & phrases in magazines and gluing them onto my photos way back in the 80s...(I can't believe I just said "way back in the 80s" - man oh, man...)

But over the years my scrapbooking has taken a backseat to a million other things...kids, house cleaning, diy-ing, sleeping, eating, etc.

Until recently...and  now I'm loving scrapbooking just as much as ever...thanks in large part to a site I stumbled across about a year or so ago. Sketch Inspiration is an amazing scrapbooking community of over 2000 people...and, I gotta tell ya...it's been a godsend...each week there is a new inspirational scrapbook sketch posted. The biggest part (and hardest part for me) of scrapbooking ...actually deciding how to lay out my photos...is already done! Trisha, the owner of the site, posts a new sketch each week & each week you can upload photos of the pages you've created using that week's sketch...AND (and here's the best part)...just for uploading photos of your page, you are automatically entered to win a fabulous prize from one of SI's sponsors EACH & EVERY WEEK! Wha?!?! Yep.

So, now here's the most fun part...this week, I'm sponsoring the sketch prize! Yay!
Here's what I'm giving away over at SI...

So, if you love to scrapbook...or if you've always wanted to try it...OR even if you don't really care for it, but you'd love a chance to win all that stuff, head on over to Sketch Inspiration...sign up & get to uploadin' your pages!

Oh, and just to get you started...here is this week's sketch:

And here are the pages I made using that sketch:

I love that photo of the kids in their mustaches...oh my heck it makes me chuckle...

Thank you so much, Trisha, for letting me join your fabulous list of wonderful sponsors! Yay!


  1. Found your blog from over at SI, thank you so much for sponsoring, this prize makes me wnat to upload 100 LO's! Very generous ! Congrats on your little one being in preschool, mine started preschool earlier this year as well, bittersweet isn't it? They grow like weeds ;) Take care!

  2. Waaahh!! My baby turned four last month.

    I haven't scrapbooked in years. Something had to give or I would break. But you make me want to start again. I won't, of course, but I want to. Lisa~

  3. Oh the days of scrapbooking... I long for the time! Recently picked up digital scrapbooking, but it just doesn't feel the same!!

  4. happy birthday to your tyler! what a handsome boy!!
    i look forward to starting scrapbooking again, i kinda have put it on hold for awhile.. just printed out 100 pictures to start from 2 years ago!

  5. Your scrapbooks are beautiful..mine are just ridiculous looking.

    I had to inform my sister that she can be my scrapbooker and I will be her seamstress.

    But you, my dear, are excellent at BOTH...lucky girl you.


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