...what do people see...

...when they walk into your house?

Now, I am the first to admit that I am no interior decorator. I could not  recreate a professionally designed room if I was given all of the accessories & a photo of what the finished room was supposed to look like...truly.

But, I do know what I like...and I know how I like it to look...

Have you ever thought about what visitors to your home see when they first walk in? Do they see the backs of the photo frames you have positioned on your sofa table? Or the stack of old magazines you've thrown under a side table because you weren't sure where to put them? Maybe it's the back of an accent chair that the dog ripped up...

...the view of my dining room from my front door...

Try walking into a room the way a guest may walk into it...view it like you were seeing it for the first time...is there anything you would change? I know I'm always guilty of arranging flowers to make them look good from where I'm standing...but how do they look from the other side of the room?

Again, I'm nooooo expert. I'm not professing to know anything about decorating. I'm just sayin'...

I know we all need to live in our homes...rooms are not always going to look perfect or clean or even presentable...believe me, I know. But for those times when we are expecting guests or when we are redecorating...a fresh view of our homes can do wonders...


  1. This is a sore point for me right now. My girls like to do their art at the dining room table and it always looks like a disaster ... even if they clean up there's a stray crayon on the floor or scraps of paper cuttings on the table. I've banned them from the area but I need to set up a special art spot somewhere out of sight.

  2. Great post! Taking pictures of our rooms has been a big eye opener for us! I usually always miss picking up a dog toy, kids toy, shoes...ect! I guess it is the lived in look! I have been enjoying my visit today...you have a beauitul blog!

  3. Your post made me take a second look and my living room,which looks a little too lived in.thanks for your input,and here's to number 15 on my to do list.

  4. I love those curtains! I think I'll do this too! Great idea to help us clean differently:)

  5. I always try to stand at my front door and see if there is anything random laying around that is just unnecessary! Having our house on the market has really helped me in this area. However, 5 minutes after the "guest" walks in, they will more than likely be greeted by 15,000 toy cars and airplanes some of which are likely to be thrown : ) The joys of toddlers! : )

  6. Your dining room is so pretty! Love the curtains! If anyone walk into my home right now they would probably leave....its messy and cluttered. This is why I want to simplify my house.

  7. You have such a pretty pretty house--from this view! I LOVE the color on your wall (where the chair is sitting). If I were coming for a visit and this is what I first saw I am pretty sure I would begin drooling immediately. And instead of being a normal guest I would start to quiz you about where things were from and how you got the look just right lol! Maybe this is why I haven't been invited over to any of hubs co-workers homes yet....

  8. This is SO true. I applied the same concept to my guest bedroom by thinking about what it would be like to be a guest in my house. It was quite the adventure!


  9. My problem is most people enter my home through my garage! Eeek! Then that goes straight in my laundry room. Double Eeeek! So I do my best to make my laundry area bright and welcoming. The garage. Well, that's another story.

  10. Soo true, taking a step back is always good and being real that's good too...love that about you! Your view is lovely, it looks so peaceful!!!


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