Tuesday, September 13, 2011

...curbside mirror makeover...

I have never seen my husband look so mortified...

On my way back from the kids' bus stop late last spring I saw that my neighbor (who was getting ready to move) had put some items out by the curb for the garbage pickup...

"oooooooh!" (thought I) "what's this? a mirror? and some bolts of fabric?"

Quickly, quickly...before anyone else could see that I was making this huge score (because in my mind, EVERYONE wants to dig through their neighbor's discarded home decor), I tucked the fabric under my arm, grabbed the mirror and run-walked to my driveway...feeling just like that lady in the IKEA commercial who is screaming at her husband to start the car because she feels like the deals she just got must have been a mistake...yep. that was me.

Here's the mortified husband part...he looked at me and my arms full of treasure, and said, "You got those where???" And then, "Did anyone see you???" Hmmm. Not really the reaction I was looking for.

Promptly turning on my heel, I headed downstairs and dropped off the mirror and fabric in the "Pile 'O Stuff to be Worked On at Some Point, Only Not Right Now."

Fast forward to late summer...last Wednesday, to be exact...after the "Epic Fail" wall art...I was thinking about what to hang on Kinsley's "Big Wall," when I remembered the mirror...aha. The fabric will be discussed at a later date...

...and yes, I do have knees, etc., attached to those disembodied-looking legs...yikes, that looks kinda creepy.

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby for some inspiration...and presto change-o...

Here's what I used:

Plus some white spraypaint...

First I covered my mirror with painters tape & newspaper and sprayed the frame white.
Then see those wood & cork circles up there? I mod-podged some decorative scrapbook paper I had on hand over those and painted the edges white...

Then I just glued all the circles on randomly until I was happy with the look...

After I hung up the mirror I simply placed some extra little mirrors on the wall around the larger mirror with sticky-tack.

...see...there's the rest of my body...at least most of the parts that were missing from the other photo...

One of-a-kind mirror-art for under $10.00...whaddaya think?

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Alicia Best Blogger Tips

how fun, maggie! love those stacks of circles. my hubs would've rolled his eyes too :)

Sarah @ This Crazy Blessed Life Best Blogger Tips

My husband is mortified that I shop at Goodwill :) He's keel over if I garbage picked. Those are some awesome finds. And I love the look of the mirror. Very fun and hip :)

Tonia @ TheGunnySack.com Best Blogger Tips

I love the transformation and my husband dosn't like me gathering up other people free stuff either :) We actually have a whole month here where a certain section, each weekend in one of the large suburbs, can put out at there curb anything they don't want and the city will come collect it. But the night before people like me troll the streets looking for fun stuff. It is actually a great time because so many people do it!

Heather Best Blogger Tips

Great idea! Very cool!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs Best Blogger Tips

Hahaha!! You are cracking me up! You have to love those curb side finds ~ My hubby cringes too but it is so fun!

Annette Best Blogger Tips

What an awesome and very creative idea...love it

Linda Brown Best Blogger Tips

I love it...its adorable :)

Rachel Best Blogger Tips

Amazing! What a great idea . . . I honestly never in a million years would have thought to add the circles and mirrors to it--it looks incredible! You're a genius :-)

Rachel Best Blogger Tips

Oh, and I'm also baffled by the thought that there might be people out there who AREN'T interested in digging through their neighbors' trash for possible makeover projects . . . what is wrong with the world?

Serenap95 Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for this brilliant idea. I love it!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses Best Blogger Tips

I love that you pulled it from the trash and I LOVE what you did with it ... what a great idea! It really looks awesome.

Heather {Simply Cottage Love} Best Blogger Tips

Ooooooo.... I love it! This is so cute! And my hubby completely makes the same face... only it is horror at the ever growing pile of "things to be worked on at a later date, only not right now"! Funny!

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} Best Blogger Tips

Cute! My husband would probably have the same reaction and call me a trash digger for a week... :)

Good Time Charlie Best Blogger Tips

Very cute, oh how I have so been that lady grabbing something out of a neighbors trash on the street, thinking, "hurry, hurry, someone else will stop and fight me for it". Yeah, it's an illness. We both have it.

crestlinesteele Best Blogger Tips

Everytime I bring home another chair or piece of furniture, same thing...looks great and I am going to try this sometime after we move. I love graphics and circles.

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy Best Blogger Tips

ohhh Maggie! I LOVE this! Simple but incredibly amazing! Anndddd I bet your daughter is THRILLED with it! I know I would be :o) I LOVE that you figured out exactly what to do with that wall but shared your journey including your "epic fail" because otherwise we would all be left thinking you were some super hero decor gal who just materializes beautiful projects right out of thin air----you kept it real and I LOVE that! :o)

Jennifer J Best Blogger Tips

My father grew up in an old city with alley ways, my mom lived there until she was 12, and them off to the farm. We went garbage picking every week the night before garbage pickup. One vacumn cleaner we had lasted 15 more years. I still have a cutting board I got in 1980. When we got older, we'd get in the car with my mom and garbage pick in rich neighborhoods (like where rent was four times our house payment). I am still doing it, and find it to be great fun. Try garbage picking at any university housing the week after Spring term ends - you get entire wardrobes, entire households!

Andrea @Oasis Accents Best Blogger Tips

What a great idea. I think it turned out FAB!! I can only curb shop when hubby is NOT with me, he would definitely be mortified =)

Simply AJ Best Blogger Tips

Ha... Girl, you are hilarious! I think you just described every husband in America that has a wife who crafts!! Not to mention those of us who dumpster dive and curb-jack items like it's a normal routine.

Seriously, your mirror turned out fantastic. I love how you gave a a simple mirror such dimension and character... Awesome job! AJ

Jacqueline Best Blogger Tips

Super cute mirror idea!

Elle @ Liberty Elle Best Blogger Tips

The circles are simple, but the different patterns/colors and layering make it so awesome!

You should hang out at our house- our whole family piles into the van to go cruising on trash night! It's only a little bit embarrassing when the toddler starts exclaiming in front of an audience: "Der's trash out! Go get that trash! Want that trash toy!"

Three Sisterz Best Blogger Tips

You are sooo clever to make those circles and I LOVE the color of Kinsley's room! The Three Sisterz have also picked trash and found some great treasures!! Can't wait to see the fabric!


Tanya Best Blogger Tips

That is AWESOME! I seriously had to do a double take after seeing that. I LOVE what you did. I can't say that enough. It looks too cool. I am pinning it and I hope that I actually do something similar. It is super cool.
Found you on Madigan Made.

MCW Best Blogger Tips

LOVE it! What a wonderful idea, Maggie! And it looks perfect!!

The Answer Is Chocolate Best Blogger Tips

Oh girlie you have done it again! This is so wonderful and genius. I just love it.

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy Best Blogger Tips

hi friend! I just wanted to let you know that I just hadddd to feature your mirror makeover because I just LOVE it!!! :o)

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans Best Blogger Tips

You made in the Iron Crafter top 5! Come and check it out at: http://firefliesandjellybeans.blogspot.com/2008/09/iron-crafter-mirrors-top-5.html

Penny Best Blogger Tips

Great mirror idea. and it turned out looking classy yet playful.


Jenn @ Peas and Crayons Best Blogger Tips

Totally pinning this!!!! What a fun/inventive makeover!!!!! I love how it looks like bubbles =)

Jenn L

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