...super-quick curtain fix...or how I made my ceilings taller in 30 minutes...

As much as I would love to live in a house with 13' ceilings, I simply do not.

I can do my darndest, however, to make them look taller...

Enter my regular, already-hangin' curtains...

Here they are before the fix...

(Never you mind the too-short sheers...they'll have their day...)

Not that they look bad, I just think they could look better...and they really are just too too long...

I took those babies down, flipped 'em over, took some white muslin (about 5" wide)  & sewed it just under the original top rod opening (for these drapes it was about 3" down from the very top - DO NOT sew down the sides...just across the top & bottom of the muslin strip)...

Easy peasy...I didn't even bother ironing or measuring super-precisely because I knew this fabric would never be seen...it's merely functional...

I finished up both panels & put 'em right back on the rod (through the new pockets I just created)...

Instant ceiling height (well...the illusion of ceiling height anyway...). 

And it helped the bottoms, too...

What do you think?
I really like the new look...to me, it's a little less harsh and a little less messy looking...

...and I didn't have to move the rod hardware in order to get the same look...yay! 


  1. Great fix. I love it when something simple has big impact!

  2. They do look longer-the heights at the top def adds!! And I love the curtains period. They're beautiful!

  3. Cool! Great idea...I love how they turned out. They really do add some height to the room!

  4. I think it looks great!! I need to redo the curtains in my family room...someday...

  5. It really does make the room look taller. Great idea!

  6. Smart lady--I love it! You know how paper bag skirts are so in right now? This is like the curtain version of a paper bag waist :-) Looks great!

  7. Fantastic! And that is just one more project that needs completed around Casa Starr :)

  8. Great idea and I LOVE those curtains...did you make them??

  9. Perfect... You are such a clever lady! AJ

  10. They look so much better!!! They actually look like they came that way.

    You, genius, you.

  11. You've done a great job with the curtains. I like the look and you didn't even have to move the rods up for the look. Nice fabric too.

  12. Fab! And I love the colors too. You Be A Genuis.

  13. It really does make a big difference. I'm a huge fan for hanging drapes high! I love the illusion of higher ceilings :)


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