Everything Halloween Linky Party! and Mummy Pretzels...yum

Yay! I'm so excited to start the Everything Halloween party! I hope you've been working hard on your Halloween projects, because it's time to start showing them off!

To get us into the Halloween spirit, here's what I'd like to share today...super-easy & super-yummy...Mummy Pretzels!

I got the little eyes in the craft department at Wal-Mart...near all of the baking supplies...and you know what the almond bark is, right? I got mine at, again, Wal-Mart, by the cake mixes, etc...they have chocolate, too...it melts really quickly and is really easy to work with...

Now it's time to see what you've been working on! I can't wait!!!

Just a few simple rules...

*Please link up ONLY things Halloween-related...this is a Halloween party, after all...
*Please place my Everything Halloween party button on your post or on your blog (you can find it in my sidebar)
*Link up as many projects as you like...and please link to your specific post...
*I would love for you to follow M{S}G, but it's not a requirement to participate

Each project you link up will count as an entry into the giveaway for this awesome Halloween prize pack...

The linky-party will run all week and the giveaway winner will be announced Monday, October 10. Don't forget to check back each day this week to see amazing projects from all around blogland...who knows, I just may be featuring you!

I'm linking up my Mummy Pretzels here...
Between Naps on the Porch
Today's Creative Blog


  1. Looks like I'm the first at the party today (#1)...I've been looking forward to it and hope you like the pretty owl item I did.

    Thanks for the pretzels-- they look yum yum!

    BOO to you all,
    Suzanne in NW Illinois

  2. Thanks for hosting--and those pretzels are so cute!

  3. Super cute pretzels! I'll make to link up something this week!

  4. Mummy pretzels?! Oh my gosh, they are adorable! Thanks for hosting--I love this party idea!

  5. I love the pretzels ... so cute and so fun! Thanks for hosting the party!

  6. Thank you for inviting me!
    I am a huge pretzel fan, these look so fun and yummy, and i have everything but the eyes.
    I'm off to explore more on your blog.

  7. These are so cute! I will be featuring them on my blog tomorrow!!

  8. Thanks for hosting the party. Your mummy pretzels are adorable!

  9. Yayyyyy I am so so so happy to be part of your first EVER link party! :o) So so excited to check out all of the wonderful projects!!!! I bet you are having a blast looking around too!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments on my Halloween decor from last year and the blue armoire. I'm enjoying stopping by again to see the great Halloween links as they are added. Thanks for hosting this fun party.

  11. Thanks for hosting! I linked up but am only seeing the title of my posts and no pic! Hopefully the pictures will show up :)

  12. What cute mummies! I just bought some of those little eyes so I'll have to make some of those :)

  13. Those mummy pretzles are adorable, my kids would LOVE them! What a fun linky party, I'll be linkin' up all week long and can't wait to see all the amazing ideas!!

  14. oh what a lovely idea.. Im going to link in some old posts... coz I may not have time for new posts this week.. Hope thats ok!! If not.. please feel free to delete them!

    Totally loved your pics above.. and am now following your blog. Will surely come back to do a catch up on old posts.. :-)

  15. What a cool idea!

    Hi I'm a new follower from Cure for the Common Monday.

    I love these Halloween Pretzels!!

    Please feel free to link up to my Make Yourself Monday Blog Hop!

    For Love of Cupcakes

  16. Thank you for hosting a great party. Those pretzels are to die for! Too cute.

    I hope you will link them up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party!


  17. Hey sweet Maggie! I've linked up a few things with some more to come! Thanks for hosting such a fun fun party! BOO!

  18. How cute are these?! I am stopping by from Tonia's blog...love the pillows you recently made!! Im so impressed! I would buy those for sure

  19. These pretzels are so cute! Love the eyes on them. adorable! I just posted a recipe for Caramel Apple Salad on my blog, check it out if you like.
    Stephanie @ Ladywiththeredrocker.wordpress.com

  20. What a fantastic food craft for kids!

    I would love for your to post this gem up on my Fall In Love linky party on Wednesday.

    Until then come by and see a spectacular new spice cabinet.

  21. Thank you for hosting this fabulous party! And I just love your *awesome* mummy pretzels! Cool idea.

    Warmly, MIchelle

  22. thanks for sharing the cute pretzels! I saw your post over at "Between Naps On the Porch".
    Gosh, I want to come to YOUR party too! I need to get busy on something Halloween-ish to post.

  23. Thanks for hosting Maggie! So glad I found your blog just in time! Love the pretzel idea!

  24. I saw your adorable pretzels around the blogisphere so I had to see who the genious was behind them! I'm new to your site and linked up tonight (#61). Thanks so much for hosting! ~ KIM

  25. These are so cute! I'm going to feature them Friday on my site. Hope you'll stop by to visit!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  26. Ahhhh those are so freaking cute!!!!! Love it!! I'll be linking up a new (revived) post later this week. :))

  27. These pretzels are a "hoot"!! What a crazy good and yummy idea. AJ

  28. Love the pretzels.......and love your site!

    I'm your newest follower :)

  29. Those are so cute! I want to try them! Perfect for a Halloween party!


  30. LOVING all of the awesome Halloween inspiration- Maggie thanks for hosting!

  31. Thanks for hosting! I also have link party going on right now if you would like to link up. I would love to see you there.
    New follower,

  32. These pretzels are super cute!! Thanks for sharing.


  33. I made it to the party!! Woohoo! Thanks for the fun links - looks like there's tons of inspiration!! The Mummy pretzels are super cute too! :)

  34. What a fabulous party - AMAZING link ups! Your Mummy pretzels are so cute. I just love them! Enjoy the rest of your week. Looking forward to checking back for more ideas!
    Jenn :)

  35. Maggie love... you just got a STICKER!

    This is pure awesomeness!

  36. Those are absolutely FABULOUS!

    I would love for you to link up your creation at http://www.jaqsstudio.com/2011/10/jaqs-studio-first-ever-linky-party.html

  37. Fabulous inspiration here - am lovng looking through all the ideas. Thanks for hosting :-)

  38. What a cute idea! Love these!

  39. This is just awesome! I love it! I would love if you would come share this at the Crazy Cute Link Party @ Between U & Me! :D


  40. I'm a midwestern girl, too! I was so excited when I stumbled upon your place!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  41. these are delightfully creepy!

    thanks for linking up to fridays unfolded.


  42. Very cute!!! LOVE the candy eyes!!!

  43. These pretzels are awesome!! I'm going to include them in a mega Halloween Treats round up post on my blog later this month : )
    Jaimee @ craft-interrupted.blogspot.com

  44. These pretzels are adorable! Love it!
    Thanks for hosting the party!

  45. Those Mummy pretzels are ADORABLE! Will have to make some of those this year!

  46. YUMMY MUMMYs! So cute Maggie and what a fun treat to package up as a gift.

  47. Thanks for hosting! I just linked up maybe too many projects? ;) Stop by and link up your projects at our Halloween Link Party if you'd like.

    Corie @ Design DNA

  48. Me again! Just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring these today at Clean and Scentsible. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas - just lOVE these little guys! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Jenn :)

  49. The Mummies look totally yummy.and darling to boot. :) Thanks for linking up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  50. yummy looking pretzels--and cute too! Thanks for sharing.

  51. Oh my goodness...your mummy pretzels are so darn cute! I love that sweet salty combo! Thank you so much for sharing at Rook No. 17! I'm spotlighting your post on my Facebook page today.


  52. Maggie,

    I'll be featuring you tomorrow... I hope to see you there!

  53. Okay I'm in love with your Mummy pretzels!! I featured them today on my blog:


    Thanks for sharing!

  54. Featuring your mummy pretzels over on my blog today! So cute! Thanks for linking up to my fa-boo-lous link party last week! :) Have a great weekend!

    Ginger @ gingersnapcrafts.com


  55. Just stopping by to let you know that I have featured your project on Fun Family Crafts! You can see it here

    If you have other kid friendly crafts, I'd love it if you would submit them :) If you would like to display a featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above.

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