Yesterday was T-Bone's Fall Fest at preschool...he was so excited he could hardly stand it...the kids got to dress up in their Halloween costumes and have a little parade and a cute.

Yes...those are tears streaming from his eyes...he was mad because...who knows...he was just's tough to be 4...BUT, he put on a happy face when I took the camera out...good boy.

This is what we brought for his classmates...

Little appliqued bags (on clearance from Michaels) for the girls...appliques were courtesy of my girl, Courtenay, at Three Sisterz...aren't they wonderful???

And appliqued skulls (design from the Silhouette online store) on black tees from Wal-Mart clearance for the boys...

I think I spent a grand total of $12.00 for everything, including the little plastic favor bags we wrapped everything in...and hopefully Ty's classmates will get a little more mileage out of them than pumpkin whistles and bat stickers...(although the kids adore those things, too...).

And I think they made Ty happy...

Love that boy...


  1. What great little treats! As a mom of five, I SO appreciate things like that ... the plastic whistles and fake teeth end up in the garbage in about five minutes. You can only have so much junk in a house. :)

  2. I love everything! How cute are you! Best mom ever! I can't imagine what the other moms were thinking----because I am guessing your little bags of treats are too cute! And I have to totally agree I LOVE 3 sisterz!!! You are SO lucky to have some of their appliqués!!!! Anyways ohh and your little guy is so cute!

  3. Those bags are cute and what a great price, my kids have there Halloween parade Friday, can wait.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous little boy! I love that he's crying but smiling in the picture . . . you have that boy trained, don't you? ;-) And great job on the treat bags--so, so cute and fun!

  5. Love it, being 4 IS tough! He's so cute and I'm blown away by your creativity and frugality in the gifts!! Your son will be the talk of the town, well, classroom! :))

    Oh, and I can't stand the plastic whistles and all that other junk, I mean cool stuff. LOL

  6. He's sooooo sweet! Love that he could turn those tears into a smile and thumbs up! The bags and shirts are just awesome! What lucky kids! Thanks for sharing your project so I could see them:)


  7. He is just so adorable. That big smile with those tears. Just too much. Great ideas for the other kids and very thrifty. Love it.

    My knee is all better now. Thanks for checking on me. I have even begun doing some mild exercises.


  8. Maggie Maggie Maggie those are TOO cute!!! Um and did you know that we were destined to be friends because I have a little 4 year old named Ty too! Okay, well birth certificate speaking it's Tyler but we call him Ty a lot!!! :)

  9. Your little boy is sooo adorable!

  10. Awww, so sweet! My little guy's preschool Halloween parade was yesterday--so much fun to see all the little ones dressed up! And those treat bags and tees are awesome. You are so very talented! We weren't allowed to bring any treats of any sort to Dec's school. :(


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