My Autumn Decor

What a wonderful day I had yesterday! As you may have read, it was my birthday...and it was perfect! My kids were awesome ALL DAY LONG, we had a fantastic dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and my husband bought me the coolest gift...

Have you heard of the Bloggie? It's the neatest little video camera has 4 hours of recording time, it's super-little and it has a touch screen...I LOVE it. I've always been the Mom dragging around the super-huge video camera at all of the kids' functions...the video camera that's battery no longer holds a charge...the video camera with the little know the one...but no longer...yay!!! And the best part about it is that it has a built-in USB plug that you just stick in your computer and presto, you're done - video uploaded...perfect! Maybe I'll even do some video tutorials with it...that would be is called the Bloggie after all...

NOW, on to some autumn decor! I snapped these photos of my living/dining room on Wednesday...this is what the rooms look like now - but I'm getting so much awesome inspiration at the linky party that I may be changing up my accessories...

Here is the view of our dining room from our living room...

Our living room couch...

Our entryway table...

The buffet table in our dining room...that awesome banner is from funky shique on etsy

I love all of these candle holders and silver platters...

My little acorns & white pumpkins...

And my favorite of all...the view from my living room...we have the biggest, fullest Maple tree in our front yard...the leaves turn the most beautiful yellow...I'll be so sad when they all fall...

What's your favorite part of autumn? Do you love the colors? The cooler temperatures? The food? The fact that Christmas is just right around the corner? How about the fact that we're one season closer to summer?


  1. What a cool gift you got for your birthday! Happy belated birthday!

    You fall decorations look lovely, I think I'm going to make a banner just like that!

  2. I am SOOOOO sorry I'm late in wishing you a happy birthday! Glad you had a wonderful celebration and what a great gift. Your house looks perfect for fall and there is just nothing like seeing the colors of the leaves change is there?!

  3. What a fun little camera! I wish I had been taking more videos over the last few years. I have video on my DSLR camera but I always forget and I never lug out my dinosaur of a video camera.

    I wish we had some of that gorgeous fall color! I have a small Japanese maple that is turning a bit now.

  4. Can we swaps homes pleas! Your house it what I want mine to look like. Your decor is gorgeous and really inspirational- the banner is my favourite xx

  5. Hey Maggie,
    I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to read any blogs. So Happy Belated Birthday.

    Your house looks fantastic!! So warm and cozy, just like Autumn is supposed to be. I have the Bloggie video camera too. I have yet to get a chance to use it but my family loves it. Hope you have a great weekend.


  6. I SO meant to tell you Happy Birthday yesterday!!! I went over to Lil Luna's to look at your project and totally forgot to come back and tell you, but I'm so glad to hear it was wonderful!!! Your home looks so so so so gorgeous, I just LOVE your style!!

  7. Happy Birthday! It's not half as embarrassing with everyone else late too! Now is it? That looks like a really great gift :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous decor at this week's BFF Open House. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

  9. Happy belated Birthday sweet lady!! I am sorry I missed wishing it on the actual day!! I took a little hiatus. Love your present and hope you had a day as beautiful as you!!

  10. i love it all. The pillows on your couch look so comfy. Makes you want to snuggle up. Love the white owl, too. It's all beautiful.

    Happy Belated Birthday!!



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