Snaz up those plain ol' Christmas cards!

I have a confession to make.

I am a Christmas card junkie. There. I said it. I've outed myself. I love Christmas cards. And by love, I mean obsess over. I start thinking about cards long before Thanksgiving...and I have a HORRIBLE/WONDERFUL time choosing which styles to order...this year I surfed the net for 3 days before I even narrowed down the sites I wanted to order from.

And if that wasn't enough...after I had already decided which cards to order, my girl Jamielyn from I Heart Naptime told me about Paper Coterie and I had to start all over (in this case, that was a good thing...Paper Coterie is da bomb).

I finally decided on 5 different card styles...yes...5. I ended up ordering 20 each (or approximately) of the 5 different that weird?

Here's what I got (the "befores")...

from Shutterfly...

also from Shutterfly...

from Paper Coterie - this one actually comes with scalloped

another from Paper Coterie...and this one comes in this super-cool scroll-y shape...

I also have one more that I ordered from Snapfish, but I was having trouble with their site, so I can't show you a before (frowny face)... and I was too lazy to actually walk over to the scanner and scan one...(another frowny face).

I received the cards and thought - you know, I wanna try to make these a little more personalized...a little more special...maybe not so "I just went online, typed in our names, added a photo and bang-zoom here are our cards" I busted out the scrapbook stuff and set to work...

Here's what I did (and let me tell you, this honestly took like no time at all...I finished half the cards while we were watching TV and I'll finish the other half later this week before I drop them all in the mail)...

Here I just cut out some scallop tags, added some rub-ons & a date stamp & attached them to the corner of the card with some twine...

With the second Shutterfly card I just wrapped a doily around the side and tied on some twine...easy peasy...

I love this Paper Coterie card just as it is (aren't those scalloped edges awesome???)...but I still wanted to add a little something...a little blue bow fit the bill perfectly (the back of the card is the same color blue)...

Another awesome-ly shaped card from Paper Coterie...I added some more baker's twine & a kraft tag and sticker and now it's just a little more special...

And here's the last one...from Snapfish...just your plain jane 4x8 photo card. I wrapped a piece of Tim Holtz glassine kraft paper around the card (after I'd embossed it with a snowflake) and attached the edges  in the back with a Christmas sticker...voila. I especially like the look of these cards because I think the kraft glassine looks like leather...ooooh.

There you have it! With just a few embellishments and a couple of nights in front of the TV, my Chrismtas cards are just a touch more "me."

And the obsession lives on...

I plan on sending my cards on December this too early? Too late? What's your opinion?

I'll be sharing these cards at a few of these parties this week...


  1. december first is just right. earlier than that and people hate you for being too organized. haha!! :D i LOVE how you spruced up your cards!! i ordered from shutterfly...if i emailed you my card, would you want to give me ideas to spruce it up?? :)

  2. Wow these are fantastic! I am totally going to steal your idea this year!! I still need to take the kiddos pictures though.

  3. Okay I'm jealous! I wish I had fabulous photos of the kids like you have! They all look so wonderful, I'd buy a bunch of different ones to. I haven't started mine yet so I know I'll be late, but awesome job on yours!

  4. I ordered 2 sets! Wish I would have seen this prior to mailing 'em!

  5. The tag idea was amazing then you added the doily and my head exploded! Woot! =)

  6. Ok, wow! I want to get one of YOUR Christmas cards!! What great ideas...I order my cards but they haven't come yet. Maybe I'll find the time to do a little embelishing of my own...

  7. That's genius! I love how you jazzed these up. I would have never thought to do that. I may have to borrow some of your ideas. Know what I hate the most? Just a picture, no message, no christmas letter, just the picture. I think if one of those "just picture" cards came jazzed up like this, I would like it a TON better. Can't wait to order ours now and jazz it up.


  8. Very pretty on the card additions! I've been debating when to send ours as well. I think I'll wait until next week... But no, I don't think December 1st is too early.

  9. They look so much more special with the way you personalized them!

  10. How adorable! The pictures are fantastic, and I love your little add-ons! I think the doily addition is my favorite--makes me think of snowflakes :-) Great work!

  11. This is absolutely genius. I make my cards every year and while I love doing it, it is quite time consuming. So your idea just revolutionized the way I think about Christmas cards. Thank you!!

  12. @courtney Thank you so so much, Courtney! I tried making my cards once...once. You are awesome for doing it every year!!!

  13. Cute additions. And December 1st is perfect ... that's when I send mine. :)

  14. Oh, why don't you live at my house? I haven't even sent out Ruth's birth announcements yet...

  15. These are beautiful! I LOVE the shape of the cards! I was probably going to order the same one from Shutterfly, but now I have to check out MORE options! Thanks for the inspiration of JAZZING them up!

    Lotte Lu and Brother Too

  16. Every single one ia adorable! I did not even do cards last year...the pressure is on for this year! Thanks for the inspiration...utterly brilliant idea (sharing on FB)

  17. pinned this! Love your ides, your cards are awesome! I'm so behind in this regard...need to get my cards made asap! THEN SNAZ them up like you did!

  18. Your cards are adorable, and I love your added touches!

  19. Your photos are fabulous! This is a great idea! I love the one with twine. So cute! I shared on my facebook and I would love for you to link up to my party @


  20. Ahh Maggie I feel your pain, trying to decide on one now! Love the embellishments!!! The photos are just gorgeous...such cute kiddos!!!

  21. Wow! You do love Christms cards! The embellishments are all beautiful! I'm sure your friends and family will be thrilled!



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