My cabinets are a disgrace - Part 1

Let's take just a small break from Christmas stuff today...

I was flipping through my HGTV Magazine (which has got to be my new co-favorite magazine - along with Country Living - both of which may or may not be part of my favorite things giveaway next week...shhhh) and they had a little snippet with under-the-sink photos from some of their contributors...I was totally inspired...

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you may already know that my kitchen is the complete opposite of awesome. Our cabinets are in weird places, and we have virtually NO counter space...this makes for a challenge when storing stuff...and by challenge, I mean it's a no-fun, next-to-impossible task.

Here...let me show you. And try not to gag.

PLEASE do not tell me I'm the only one with cabinets who look like this...pleeeeeeease.

These are 2 of the cabinets I have for stuff, I realize that my lack of organization is not the cabinet's fault...but, because they can't defend themselves, I will blame them...

I was tired of the balancing act I was perfecting in the larger cabinets. I can't tell you just how many times I pulled out a bowl or something and 3 other things came flying out toward me...scary stuff.

I emptied out the cabinets entirely (no small feat), took out the things I rarely use but can't part with(like the fondue pots - I don't think I've even taken these down for the past 8 years) and put them in a bigger storage cabinet in the garage. I also re-evaluated just how many plastic storage bowls I needed and chucked the overflow. I tried to keep like items together (novel idea, huh?) and put the things I use the most toward the's what I have now...

I feel like a weight's been lifted. And it really took only about 1/2 hour...Ty was playing Angry Birds on my phone (did you know they have that for Android now? Am I the last to know?) so he didn't even try to "help" - which was the biggest help of all...(smile).

Now I have all of my fun plates (the single ones I love for photos and serving) in one area...

...and my favorite cups & saucers are visible & accessible...

...AND I found this awesome little black metal container (shoved waaaaay in the back) that now is holding my leftover bowl lids...

Now, on to my spice cabinets...

Do you have anything in your kitchen that could use 30 minutes of attention?


  1. My cabinets and pantry are just as unorganized...and they could use some help....when I have free time lol. I think almost everyone has an area in there house looking cluttered.

  2. So your cabinets may what you call a disgrace (just organized chaos)... but your blog here... beautiful! I was just thinking this morning, how beautiful it was and fun to browse around! Love it!

  3. Oh yeah... a curious corner cabinet (no there is no lazy susan in it) and it is super deep and I just kind of throw stuff in there and shut the door quickly! My other cabinets are pretty well organized so I'm not sure what the deal-o is with this one!


  4. Thanks for being transparent and showing us your messy cabinets. You have inspired me to tackle some 30 minute projects myself. I have a laundry room that has been harassing me for months. May take more than 30 minutes though. Anyways, loved your post this morning and your cabinets look GREAT now!

  5. This post makes me smile :-) Don't worry--not only do my cabinets look like that, but so does my closet, our storage room, our bedroom, Forrest's bedroom . . . the list goes on. You did a great job! And you have such cute dishes and cookware!

  6. The difference is amazing. But I would never through away plastic containers. You can never have enough. After watching my mum struggle with cabinets like that I was always to traumatised not to have them all neat and tidy ^^ But Lack of organisation is always better than being traumatized ;)

  7. Oh yeah, my mom's cabinets look just like the befores! :) Mine don't yet, but that's because we're newly married and don't really have that much stuff, but the trick is trying to keep them thinned down! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. The revision looks awesome! I'm super anal about cabinets and have to have everything just right. It just makes daily life so much easier.

  9. Did you sneak in my home and take photos of my cabinets? Please cme back and organize them now:) I need a long 30 mins in my kitchen cabinets... love the idea of putting the lids in their own bowl. Great!!

  10. It has only been 1.5 years since our kitchen remodel (and everything removed from the cabinets) and they way my cabinets look,it might as well have been 10 years. I need to do this again. Thanks (I think) for the reminder.

  11. Wow!! What an amazing job. Your cabinets are picture perfect now. I love Country Living, too. I haven't picked up the HGTV magazine yet. I need to get it.



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