Tips for photographing your Christmas tree...

In just one week the Christmas tree linky & giveaway will begin! Yay!


I thought I would put together some tips on how to photograph your tree...because we all want to see your tree in all of it's splendor...not just a mass of green or a mass of lights...unless of course, that's what you want...(smile).

Here are a couple of tips I've found around blogville...(I'm tired of using the words "blogland" and "the blogosphere" - "I'm a loner, Dottie, a rebel" - name that movie)...

No, that's not my house...I wish...

Some exposure tips...

How to photograph Christmas lights...

Here's a great forum discussion on how to do it...

***And this is a great post from Ashley @ lil blue boo - do you read her blog? You should. She's amazing. She's been through a lifetime of crazy and she has the most amazing attitude and insane talent...seriously.

Now, of course, that's certainly not all of the information on the web...I just found a few that seemed to contain a lot of good information...

I hope you all had a great weekend! We had our Polar Express weekend at church (all of the volunteers dress up like train conductors & we serve hot chocolate & ice cream sandwiches to all of the guests - this year we had 1300 people!...then we pass out Santa hats &'s so so so much fun...the kids love it!)

I was able to finish the Christmas cards & get some handmade gifts done (yay!) - all of the gift cards & teacher's gifts have been purchased and most of the other gifts, too...woo hoo!!! I am bound and determined not to spend my entire Christmas Eve wrapping gifts!!!

Did you get anything Christmas-y done this weekend?


  1. Great round up of DSLR christmas tree photography tips! Hopefully santa will bring me a tripod for Christmas so I can really work on some cool shots!

  2. Thanks for the tips! I never can seem to get mine right with my camera settings! Can't wait to read through the info! : )

  3. This is great Maggie, thanks for posting! I need some help especially how to get little boys to pose in front of said Christmas tree...and how did you get a picture of my house? ;)

  4. "I know you are, but what am I -- infinity!" I love that movie! Thanks for the laugh, AND the photo tips. I can never get it right. Maybe these will help.

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