Coffee Lover? Then this is for you...#IcedCoffee #CBias

There is no question...I love coffee. And by "love," I mean adore...seriously...adore. And need. It's probably kinda weird.

Let me give you a graphic to help explain just what coffee means to me...

Here is me in the morning...before my coffee...

Not pretty.

BUT, here I am after my first cup...

Muuuuch better...

My kids learned long ago that you don't ask me for anything until I've had's true.

So, when I got the opportunity to try a BRAND SPANKING NEW coffee product, I jumped at the opportunity.

International Delight (you know, the flavored creamer people...) sent me some of their soon-to-be-released (January 15 to be exact) newest product...ICED COFFEE! You heard me right...iced coffee! And not only comes in 3 flavors! Original, Vanilla & Mocha! oh. yes. awesome. Here's what I received:

When I opened this box, I just knew it was going to be a good day...yup.

I love iced coffee almost as much as I love it hot...but, to be honest, I don't have it very often, because I usually just make one (hot) cup at a time at home, and, quite frankly, I would go broke stopping at Bucky's (Starbucks...adorably nicknamed by my awesome friend, Amy) all the time. And even those tiny little bottles of iced Starbucks are a I rarely pick those up when I'm out shopping. But here is a product I can buy a whole half gallon of, and it's already made and perfect? I can definitely do that...definitely...

As I mentioned before, this coffee will be available in 3 flavors...and I wasn't sure which I wanted to try first...

So, I went with the Vanilla...

It's kind of neat trying a product that hasn't been released to the public yet...and I was excited!

I filled up my new blue cup with ice and poured in the coffee...I held the straw to my lips and took my first sip...and...OH MY GOSH!!! Are you kidding me? It was DELICIOUS! I mean absolutely delicious. 
The coffee is sweet & creamy (not at all watery) (just like it says on the package) and wonderful... and...dare I say...better than the mermaid-branded competitor?

I really really loved the Vanilla, but I didn't want to try the others right away, because, to be honest, I knew that after I opened them I would have only about a week to finish them and I didn't want to risk having to throw any of the coffee away...yes, I'm a dork.

So, when it came time for Christmas Eve brunch at my parents' house, I grabbed the Original Iced Coffee and brought it along so that my family could try it...

My Mom, my brother & I each had a glass and, again, it was delicious. My brother likes his coffee with about 6 lbs. of sugar, and this was sweet enough for him (I like mine with 1 Sweet & Low and it's perfectly sweetened for me, too). I think I liked the Vanilla better than the Original, but only because I love flavored coffee...and the Original was still better than any iced coffee I've ever made for a longshot.

So now it was time for me to try the third, and final, flavor...Mocha...

I saved this one for last because I thought it might be my favorite...(I do this with my food, too...I eat the stuff I like least first...)...we were heading out on a driving trip so I included the container in our cooler...

I first tried the Mocha while I was waiting for my husband to pump gas at a station outside of Paducah, KY...I didn't have any ice, so I just poured some cold coffee into my awesome new cup...

And guess what? I did love the Mocha the best...I knew I would. I know myself so well...

What I like about the Mocha flavor is that it's not overly's really pretty subtle...and really, really good. No aftertaste...just yum.

I'm all out of my coffee now. And that's sad. BUT, in less than 2 weeks (like I said before, January 15, to be exact) I can head out to the dairy section at Wal-Mart and pick up some more. And I. can't. wait. It's really that good... about you? Do you drink iced coffee? 

DISCLOSURE: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions are 100% mine...this stuff rocks.


  1. How did you get a hold of that photo of me before coffee?!?! Hehehe... can completely relate, except that I'm no Snow White for at least another hour ;)

    Loving the look of your blog by the way - absolutely fabulous Miss Maggie!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing this in our grocery store. I love Starbucks but that is a treat around here, not a daily thing. I am much the same as you with my coffee. Love the before & after coffee pics. LOL
    My daughter is also a coffee lover and I think these will be a hit with her. I am just hoping they are not too sweet for me.

  3. How did you get so lucky to try this stuff before it came out! I LOVE iced coffee and will for sure have to try this! love the blog!

  4. I start every day w/ an iced mocha and woe unto anyone who finishes the milk and leaves me with none! Sounds like I better get some of this in Mocha! Love the before and after pics. I can relate.

  5. I am a huge ID Vanilla creamer lover! No other brand, just ID. So I know I will love the iced version! TY so much for sharing your experience with us! Where do we get a cool blue cup too?


  6. I'm officially jealous. Your Collective Bias posts are killing me ... you're having way too much fun! This iced coffee sounds awesome. I can't wait to try it. I'm tempted to mark the date on my calendar and hit up my local Walmart.

  7. @Frazzled Mom of Five
    Oh my gosh, will love this...truly. I'll have to contact ID to find out about the cups! They're awesome 'cause they don't sweat! ;)

  8. I can't wait!!! Seriously!! I did a dance just now and my husband looked at me weird haha :) I buy the VIA Starbucks iced coffee pouch things but I end up using a ton of creamer (ID actually!) so this is going to be AWESOME! Can you tell I'm excited too!!

  9. My kids also know not to ask me for anything until I get my first cup of coffee. I bought myself a Keurig Machine and love everything about it. We use the k-cups and recycle them and use the my k-cup to brew our own coffee, whats best is it makes a single cup in under a minute. As for ice coffee I love it also, haven't tried it in my machine yet but will soon.

  10. I don't drink coffee..but this does sound yummy. xo

  11. thats awesome. I can't wait to see it in a store somewhere. The cup is pretty cool, is it a glass version of plastic? I love it when they do that; less plastic = waay better. I do that too with eating the yucky things first and the good things last; its like a reward for eating auntie X's gross christmas stuffing, etc.


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