new pulls & hooks...

I am absolutely in love with my new JoAnn purchases...I stopped there last week on my way to Target, and I'm sooo glad I did...they were just putting out their spring items (yay!) and I saw these...

Aren't they wonderful?! I just love these hooks...I have ABSOLUTELY NO idea where I'm going to put them, but I had to have them. And I knew if I didn't snatch them up right away they would be gone by the time I came back to get them.

I also got these (2 of each)...

Yes. You're right. They are awesome.

Here's where I put them...


And here:

And here they are together with 2 other pulls I had on hand...

This is just a little sneak peek at Kate's bedroom furniture...more on that later. Yes, yes, I know I started re-doing her room (at the beginning of) last's almost done. (smile).

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  1. Those are so great! They look like something you'd find at Anthro. Can't wait to see what you do with the hooks. I love the eclectic mix on the dresser.

  2. Oh I love them together like that! How fun :)

  3. Ooooo...I love them! I agree, very Anthro-esque. Can't wait to see the rest!!

  4. ohhhh how darn cute!!!!!!! shoot now I have to go shopping!!!! :o)

  5. Gorgeous! I didn't even know they sold pulls! I was just there this past weekend.

  6. They are so cute! Love fabric store finds :)

    You should stop by my blog and enter my giveaway. My friend makes the most adorable handmade dolls and I have an adorable one to give away!

  7. Love how you displayed them, I saw those too, they are great!! When I worked at anthro we had some just like the turquoise ceramic knobs they had...nice JoAnn right?! Miss you my dear, hugs!!

  8. So glad I found your blog. I'm now following on the new Linky tool. Follow back so we can stay connected with this great new tool. See you soon, Lori

  9. I JUST saw these pearly blue knobs at Joann's this am but passed on them because I didn't know what to do with them (I can't believe I just said that.) lol
    Anyway I am headed straight back after naptime!! ;)

  10. YUM! gladly your newest linky follower! c'mon by for a visit anytime!


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