nautical knot rope bracelet...a tutorial

This summer, the buzz word is NAUTICAL...everything from clothing to jewelry to home decor is adorned with ropes and anchors, stripes and ship wheels. 

The other day I saw my husband's knot-tying book sitting on the shelf in the computer room, so I grabbed it and some of my Canvas Corp rope and got to work making my own nautical accessories. I'm not a very "delicate" girl, so for me, rope is the perfect bracelet medium...ahoy mateys...

Today I'm sharing my Carrick Bend easy to do...

This is all you need:

*2 pieces of rope or jute or super-chunk yarn. Yup. That's it.

Here's what I used:

*Canvas Corp braided rope...2 pieces, each about 18" long.

Now here is how you make your bend (fyi...a "bend" is a method of joining two ropes...)...

Lay out your two pieces of rope...I've used different kinds of rope here, just for clarity's sake...


When you have your knot here, simply pull the 4 rope ends to tighten it until you are satisfied with how it looks...

And here is the final knot (with 2 pieces of the same rope...).

In order to "fasten" the bracelet in the back, simply take two of the rope ends and tie them in a square knot...then do the same with the other two's a brief refresher on square knots in case you are unfamiliar with them...

And here's the final bracelet...

Here's the front (or top)...

...and the back (or bottom)...

I really like looks great with jeans and a tee...super casual, super trendy...

So, what do you think? Are you digging the nautical thing as much as I am?


  1. Maggie you come up with the coolest things, this is no exception, so fun!!!

  2. Sooo cute !! I LOVE the nautical look that is everywhere !

  3. I do love the nautical look! It is just to fresh and summery. I was shopping yesterday and tried on some "nautical" clothes but they just aren't me so I need to stick to the accessories and home decor items!

  4. This is so cute. I think my daughter would love it. Those polka dots do make your eyes funny.
    It's been too long since I visited. Life takes over and is so busy. As you already know.

  5. Cute, it looks great! Also, when I close my eyes, I still see polka dots, lol.

  6. Love the bracelet, and usually I love polka dots. Not anymore LOL

  7. Maggie, that is SO cute ... I have to make one! I love that the nautical theme is in ... I think it's so cute and classic looking.

  8. ohhhhhh PLEASEEEE will you make a printable for my new house like your header for this post????? I LOVE that look!!! And yes of course I am doing everything I can to NOT buy everything nautical.... because really how else would I want to decorate my new place like?!?? :o) Thank you for sharing the cute tutorial! I love it!

  9. love it girl!!! I want one!!! :)

  10. Love this so much! I think I might try this with some Martha Stewart Mambo yarn in black that I've had laying around but have had no idea what to do with!! Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  11. Cute!
    Maggie!! I havent been blogging for a bit so I havent been over here but your blog is looking so AWESOME!! I love all the new things going on here!! Keep up the wonderful work :)


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