...easiest banana shake recipe ever...

My kids LOVE bananas.

You know, on second thought, strike that...I should say "My kids LOVE bananas for about a week and then they get sick of them for a few weeks and then they want them again..."

No complaints here...I love that they eat them. Inevitably, however, there are extra uneaten bananas left around to brown on my counter.

Overripe bananas, as I'm sure you know, are perfect for use in baking...they are soft & mushy and sweeter than they are when they're still a little green or yellow. But did you know they are also awesome in milk shakes?

And my family recipe (actually my Mom's recipe) is so easy, you are almost guaranteed to have the items in your refrigerator. So grab those brown bananas and let's make some shakes!

Here's what you'll need:
*1 banana (overripe works best, but any old banana will do)
*about a cup of milk
*1 packet of sweetener or about a tablespoon of sugar (optional)
*a dash of vanilla (optional)

Now throw everything into a blender and get to blendin'...

That's it! You're done. This shake is really yummy...and it's almost an entire breakfast in a glass...
add an english muffin and you're all set...

You can even add in some blueberries or strawberries for a change...I love to add in any fruit that's been around a day or two too long.


This is where I'm sharing this recipe...


  1. Well...how easy is that? Even my kids could whip one up for themselves!

  2. My mom used to make me these back in the day and now I make them for my kids!! :) We'll also add about 3 ice cubes before you blend it...makes it even frothier! So yummy!

  3. Oh yum! And easy enough to whip up! I love bananas, but my hubs won't eat them much... Great idea for the old ones!

  4. That looks fabulous!!! Happy Monday:)

  5. Sounds delicious and I LOVE the Oberweis glass!!! ;)


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