my great grill & patio MAKEOVER! Plus...a pre-Memorial Day/Cinco de Mayo par-tay!

Now that the weather is (FINALLY!) getting a little warmer around here, it's time to start spending some time outside! Woo hoo! Grilling season has started, outdoor parties are scheduled and summer is right around the corner...

My family loves to spend time outside playing, listening to music, splashing around on the slip 'n slide, or just sitting and reading a book...and when we had a gas grill (more on that later) we would cook out a couple of times every week.

We also love to entertain during the warmer months. Every Memorial Day we have a bbq of some kind or's become a tradition. But enjoying the outdoors and summer entertaining is infinitely harder to do when you have no patio furniture (more on that, too) fact, the pre-Memorial Day/Cinco de Mayo party we were hosting this past weekend was scheduled to take place matter the weather...because we just didn't have anywhere for anyone to sit outside. 

Here...let me show you just what I'm talking about...take a look at our wreck-of-an-outdoor-space...

See what I mean?

10 year old furniture overtaken by bees, broken grill...just be happy you didn't have to see those things...the garbage truck took them away weeks ago...

The patio is a disgrace...wouldn't you agree? Yes, it definitely needs some work. 

And, up until a few days ago, I had resigned myself to the fact this spring/summer would be spent either indoors or on the front porch...the back porch was going to remain neglected. And then I thought, you know what? ENOUGH of this nonsense! was time for a PATIO & GRILL MAKEOVER! After all, we did have a full 30 hours before our friends were due to arrive for our little get-together...that's more than enough time, right?

Thank goodness for the folks at #KmartOutdoor and their amazing new Outdoor Living collection!


Picking out our new furniture and grill could not have been easier...Kmart has this amazing system where you can purchase your items online and pick them up at the store in just a few hours!

So, Thursday night (that's right...just a day and a half before our guests arrived) I sat down at my computer and did my shopping. I looked through the online catalog to get an idea of what was available (just click the image above to see the catalog for yourself)...and then I picked out my favorites on Kmart's website. Their "Patio Finder" makes it so easy to choose your furniture and accessories...

And, with Kmart's "Grill Finder," you just click on your personal grill criteria, and the site shows you what's available! Cool, huh?

I was also able to pick out some of my favorite accessories, add them to my cart, and have them available for pickup, too!

I picked out a whole set-up, right down to some pillows for the chairs, and a grill. The next morning, I got the older kids ready and out the door, dropped Ty off at preschool, and checked my phone...and there was a text from Kmart...letting my know me order was all set and ready to be picked up! Awesome!

So I drove right down the road to my local Kmart, popped inside and checked in at the Customer Service desk.

In a matter of minutes I had my purchases loaded in my car and I was on my way...and it was only 9:20 am...still a little over 24 hours until "go-time."

I headed to another Kmart...a Super Kmart...which happens to be just down the road shop for a few accessories I couldn't get at my Kmart, as well as some plants and flowers to help dress up our new patio. I also needed to get a few more food items for the party...

***You can check out my entire shopping trip here...on Google+***

After running those errands I came home and got to work...first trimming the big bushes behind the patio, then re-edging & mulching the ground underneath them. Then I was able to start the fun part...assembling the furniture & grill and arranging all of my new accessories. Doug came home early from work and was able to help with the furniture...and then he and Gray put the grill together Saturday morning.

By 3:00 pm Saturday we were pretty much set...and our patio looked completely different...wanna see? Wait...first let me remind you of what the area looked like BEFORE...

Concrete furniture...

Old dirt & color...just tons of beige...

Old charcoal grill...never used...

Overgrown bushes...

and a nasty old hose-roller-thing...which, to be fair, still worked just was just big and awkward...

And now here is the after...prepare yourself for a LOT of photos...and by "a LOT," I mean TONS...


So...what do you think???

WAIT! Don't answer yet...let me show you some more...

Eeeek! I'm so stinkin' excited about this space!

I have been so into bright yellow this spring! And these pillows from the #KmartOutdoor collection fit the bill perfectly!

I had bought the umbrella & the rug and a few of the accessories before we purchased the new furniture and grill and they worked with our new items just beautifully...

I just love this view!

And here's our new super-awesome Char-Broil grill!

Doug said that this was the easiest grill he has ever put together...many of the pieces were already assembled and most of the screws were already threaded - they just needed to be took him only about an hour to do...

More beautiful bright yellow...

...a brand new hose-keeper!

Some lovely plants and flowers...

A strawberry plant that already has little baby strawberries!

And a hibiscus tree! My fingers are crossed that I don't kill it too quickly...

And that's not all...

Check out my new firepit...oh. yes.

Roasted marshmallows anyone?

I can't tell you how much I adore our new space...and it looked even better with friends, family & food all around...

Aren't those napkins from Sandra Lee's new collection for Kmart so awesome? I love the bright color!

My friend, Michelle, is the best Mexican-food-maker EVER...ever.

These margarita push-pops were the best...

And the scratch-off Solo cups helped the kids keep their cups straight...

Yum...arrachera & green onions on the new grill...soooo good...

There's Michelle...the master...and her wonderful husband, Pete...we love these guys...and we were so happy they were with us to break in our new furniture and our new grill...

I think Ty liked the new furniture, too...

Yep...there were smiles all around...we had the best time with our dear friends...

I know one family that will be happily spending a whole lot more time outside this season...I can't tell you just how much I adore our patio now...and I can't believe we were able to make such a huge difference in just 1 day! So cool...

And guess what? Kmart has a whole bunch of deals and promotions that are going on THIS WEEK! You can find the following, plus more in your Sunday, May 6 Kmart circular...

*20% off all patio cushions and umbrellas
*20% off all folding lawn furniture
*Metal arbor with gate on SALE for $79.99 (reg $149.99)
*50% off hanging basket plant stand & deluxe basket plant stand

...and every single day at Kmart:

Shop Your Way Rewards members save more each and every season and for every $1 you spend you get 10 awesome is that?


You can lock in today’s low prices for all of your upcoming events with Kmart Layaway!

Want to know more about the great deals at Kmart? Check out these links to help you stay informed...

So...what do you think? Did we do OK?

DISCLOSUREI am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. #CBias #SocialFabric All opinons are my own...thank you so much to Kmart & Collective Bias/Social Fabric for this was a blast!

THIS is where I'm sharing this renovation...


  1.!! That is totally fantastic!! I love the before video and your makeover is AH-MAZING!! Can I come over for your next party?

  2. OMG! That is SOOOO FAB! I love it! so when are we invited over? I want to try those margarita push pops and sit by the fire pit! Great job!

  3. Oh geez Maggie will you puh-lease come and do something with MY backyard???

    It's gorgeous and I'm jealous.

  4. Oh my gosh are you kidding? Everything looks amazing! I love the lanterns & the rug & the grill! Oh & the fire pit! Wow, I totally want the whole thing right now.

  5. Omg!!!! Maggie! This is so awesome!!!! I am blown away by this post!! You really went above and beyond and we are so appreciative!!!!

  6. What an awesome transformation!

  7. OMG Girl that is AWESOME!! I would be out there all the time! Great place for blogging too! It is beautiful! I LOVE it! Kmart is fabulous!

  8. Everything looks amazing, loving the before and after! The Margarita Pop Ups, checking out now!

  9. You are fabulous!!!! Simply stellar job!!!!

  10. Maggie, it looks amazing! It looks like such a cozy outdoor living space. I love what you chose!

  11. WOW! Your backyard looks amazing. I love how it all turned out. Awesome post.

  12. Your "before" puts my backyard to shame, but your "after" gives me hope. Great makeover! I think Kmart will be making some money from me this weekend...

  13. Gorgeous -- Awesome and all that. It looks great - so inviting. Plus it looked like everyone else likes it too!

  14. What an incredible transformation...and in only 1 day! It's awesome, Maggie! Now if only this miserable weather we're having would cooperate. Come on summer!!!

  15. I LOVE it Maggie!! Awesome makeover! I loved that seating set too~ it is gorgeous. Your food looks amazing- what a fantastic patio and party area!! :)

  16. This looks great and all, but I think there's one thing missing... ME!!! (Karen)

  17. It looks wonderful and super cozy! I love it!!

  18. Everything looks great! I am digging that fire pit!

  19. That is fabulous!!! LOVE what you did with the space!! And, margarita push pops?! Off to check that out now! :)

  20. Thousand percent better! Love the furniture and accessories you chose!!! I would LOVE a patio set with an umbrella! So fun!

  21. Hey girl, you have any more room on that credit card to get me a few things? lol. Wow, how did you get all that awesome stuff in your car with the kids too?
    Happy for you. That's what summer time is for, enjoying your family and friends on that patio. I'll live vicariously thru you ok?
    What are margarita push-pops and where do you get them? Are they really margarita flavored with booze or?

  22. Loooove this, Maggs!!! What a transformation! Such a pretty space now... and ohemgee your kiddos are DARLING! Love the pic of Ty, esp! What a handsome little stud ;)


  23. Looks like SO much fun!!! I am loving your makeover.. :) That Mexican food looks SO good!

  24. It looks absolutely amazing. Awesome, girl!

  25. So funny that we chose the same set for this shoppertunity!! LOVE what you did! Awesome photos!

  26. Beautiful job! I love the before and after photos!

  27. What an awesome makeover-I love all the new patio things you bought!!

  28. Wow! Amazing transformation. Love the set you collected and the extra little touches you added. Great job.

  29. So Lovely! And I want one of those push pops!

  30. @srpprcrftr Yay! Thanks so so much! Yes, those push-pops are AMAZING...just like little frozen margaritas...booze and all...just click the link in the post and you will be taken to Amy Atlas' site where you can find the recipe...yum!

  31. @Emmi Thank you so so much, Emmi! Anytime, just name it...;)

  32. holy cow girlfriend! this is amazing times 10!!! Look at all the amazing things you got--I would have never guessed it all came from KMart! LOVE those lanterns and seriously everything about your new patio makeover!

  33. I'm coming to your Memorial Day party. Just so you know.

  34. Looks great! What was in the Alfalfa Bags (they're white & leaning up against a tree I think)? Also you had a bush in one of the baskets - is it going to grow to big for the basket? I'm always afraid to do a bush/tree - would love to but I think with our cold here (Nebraska) it would die.... Beautiful patio though!

  35. WOW! I want your new patio!!! LOVE IT! Can you come design mine for me? :)


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