making my laundry room prettier with Martha Stewart & Plaid...#marthaglass

Have you ever tried to paint glass? Well, it's not the easiest thing in the least for me. I can never get the paint to go on smoothly or evenly...and, when I've tried to use stencils, the paint just ends up creeping under the edges...yuck.

But guess what? All of that nonsense ends with the NEW Martha Stewart glass painting products from Plaid! Martha and Plaid have developed a new line of paint that is made specifically for painting on glass & ceramic! I was fortunate enough to receive a box from Plaid with a few of these new products (woohoo!) and here's what I made...

Let me show you how I did it...

First off, here is what I received from Plaid...

*These are not the only things that are available in this line...get this...the entire line features "120 colors of a groundbreaking new paint in glass-perfect finishes, such as beach glass, frost and glitter; three types of easy-to-use design elements - patented adhesive silkscreens, paintable clings & adhesive stencils; specialty effects; and a selection of tools and accessories." (quoted from Plaid).*

I was immediately drawn to the Surf colored paint, so I knew I wanted to use it in my project...

Classic Martha Stewart, don't you think?

I also loved the adhesive stencils...this font is awesome...

I've been working on finishing up my laundry room, and it occurred to me that a glass container for my powder detergent was in order...

I bought the canister at Walmart (I think it was under $10)...

And then I gathered up the rest of the materials I would need for the project...

I cleaned the glass with soap and water and then prepped with rubbing alcohol so that the paint would hold well. Then I placed the stencils where I wanted them. These stencils have a wonderful adhesive that sticks perfectly to the glass and can be removed equally easily...they also rinse wet paint clean with just water and the adhesive remains...awesome.

*One thing to remember when using stencils on rounded glass...just lining up the stencils side by side won't give you an even line. As the glass curves, you will find that your stencils begin to go up the side of the glass...not good. So make sure you draw a line (with a dry erase marker or something comparable) the same distance down from the top or up from the bottom of your glass object across the length of the design you will be painting. Then line up your stencil(s) along this line.*

I arranged the letters and got my paint ready...

I was ready to stop right here...those stencils look so awesome!!!

I used a paint dabber so that I could get equal paint coverage over my stencils...

Then I got to work applying the paint to the glass...

The paint that I chose was a Frost Translucent...and the coverage above was exactly what I was expecting.

As soon as I got each letter done, I removed the stencil before it had a chance to dry. I was really amazed by how clean and perfect the letters looked. 

I let the canister dry overnight and then added my detergent and added the whole thing to my laundry room.

Looks pretty cool, huh?

While I had the stencils and paint out I decided to do another quick project. I recently bought a coffee cup on clearance at Target (.48!!!). It has quickly become my favorite, and I wanted to add a little daily reminder to it. So I took the smaller size alpha stencils (they came in the same pack as the larger ones...awesome!) and the Pearl Opaque Pink Taffeta paint (pink is becoming a staple in my decor...) and whipped this out...

Then I added this design to the handle...the paint cures in 21 days or you can ovenbake it. Pretty cool, huh?

My new favorite mug...just made better with Martha Stewart & Plaid.

Have you ever tried painting on glass? Or is it something you think you would like to try? What would you paint?

Interested in learning more about Plaid and all of their great products? Find them here:


*I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Martha Stewart Glass Paint & Plaid and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own. Find my full disclosure here*


  1. I have tried painting on glass and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be! I will have to try this paint out!

  2. this is very cute. having never tried paint on glass, i never knew it was such a challenge. good to know that martha has come to the rescue yet again.
    and would love a peek at the laundry room...mine needs some tlc in a big way.

  3. Maggie ....this is just tooooooo cool I so adore the fresh colours in our laundry too!

  4. I still haven't tried the glass paint yet but would like to make some cute mugs!

  5. So very cute! Martha really knows how to make everything better, doesn't she!



    P.S. 21 days to cure! I think I'd go the oven bake route ...

  6. So simple and absolutely perfect for the laundry room! I love the blue highlighted against the white detergent - pretty!

  7. yeah, painting on glass is a little tricky. it is hard to get a deep dark image with glass paint. i love these colors though.

  8. I used that color too, and I was literally JUST thinking it's a classic Martha color! So pretty, wish I had a laundry room to make lovely things for. My washer/dryer are in the basement. BOO. ;-)


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