Elle's Studio | April Kits + extras

Hey hey everyone!

It's April, it's April! Spring has sprung and I couldn't be happier!

Plus, guess what? Today is the 10th! So you know what that means, right?

The April Kit is now LIVE!!! And it's just the perfect addition to spring!

Woo hoo!!!

Here it is...

This month's kit is just full of bright, bold color & darling design!

I love all the gray that Elle has included...and the grids & prompt cards make me so happy!

And here are some of the wonderful extras that go along with this month's kit...new enamel dots (!), vellum Hearts & Stars, and more Puffy Alpha Stickers!

Here are this month's printables and digital cut-files...perfect to use in digital OR hybrid scrapping! 

OK...so now that you've seen the kit items, you wanna see the projects that I created with them? 

Check out the Elle's Studio site to see even more DT inspiration!


...don't forget: the limited edition, the exclusive April Kit is on sale right now for $9.99 - but at midnight PST that price will change to $11.99 - so make sure to get yours! Kit add-ons (which are created to coordinate with the main kit) are also limited and will no longer be available once they are sold out...don't wait!

PLUS! Elle's Studio is now offering subscription options as well! Woo hoo! 

Getting a subscription guarantees you a kit each month, locks you into the $9.99 price AND gets you FREE (USA) or reduced (International) shipping on anything added to your box on the 10th! So good, right?!


And just fyi...here are the direct links for all of the new stuff now available:

All NEW products can be found HERE


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