Documenting with Storyline AND Jane Davenport

In case I haven't said it enough, the new Heidi Swapp Storyline Collection (available at Michaels stores) is the fastest and easiest way to get your stories told.

Not to mention it's also so cool...

Well, now imagine Storyline mixed with one of today's most amazing mixed media collections...that by Jane Davenport (also available at Michaels stores).

With just a few words, stickers, some pieces of patterned paper, a little washi tape and a few strokes from some lovely colored pencils, you can document your most precious memories quickly, easily, and beautifully...

I think that little rub-on bird is one of my favorite little designs...

Bright, bold color with an extra helping of white space...just my style...

See the entire Storyline Collection HERE.

Thank you for taking a minute to stop by!



  1. Love this! I'm burned out doing Project Life and decided to do tradtional layouts for my grandkids and kids a layout and make copies for each person featured...I am inspired by the new Storyline!

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