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The NUMBER ONE question asked in our house is... guessed it...

"What's for dinner?"

No joke...I hear those exact words at least 5 times each day.

Am I the only one whose kids just can't seem to remember for more than an hour or so that I've already answered that question?

Or is it that maybe they're hoping the answer to said question has somehow changed...(sigh)?

Well, now that the weather is (FINALLY) getting cooler...and I'm actually considering turning the oven on...I've found a way to answer my kids without going completely nuts...

The Heidi Swapp Letterboard is the PERFECT way to announce your weekly plans...and it looks darn amazing, too...

Now, I'm not fooling myself. I know this menu board won't PREVENT the question from coming...but maybe, just maybe, it'll help save my sanity when it comes to those 3 dreaded words...

Thanks so much for stopping by!

And happy menu-boarding!


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