A First Time for Everything...

OK...I never thought I would do this. I had no interest in it. It didn't seem like fun. It seemed like too much work...(WAY too much work). It didn't seem like it moved quickly enough (I like to start and finish a project in the same night).

But I've decided to take the plunge...and since I've made my decision, I can think about hardly anything else. My kids are lucky they're still getting fed...(on an almost regular basis, even).

I'm going to make a quilt. That's right...I said it. A quilt. And not a little "this may or may not cover one of K's dolls" quilts. An honest-to-goodness, "honey, can you grab me the quilt, I'm cold" quilt.

I've picked my fabric and found an easy beginner pattern (we'll see...;))(here's the pattern). A darling etsy-quilter-mommy friend of mine, Jenny, led me to an easy binding tutorial (here). I found a site that sells a walking foot for my machine (I guess I need one of these...) and I'm not too busy with my shop right now...soooooo, I suppose I have no more excuses...

Here's my fabric...Nicey Jane from Heather Bailey...got it at Quilt Taffy on ebay.

Beautiful prints, huh?

Now this is the pattern...from Melissa Mortenson of the polkadot chair

Don't you love it?!?!?!
OK...so here's a question - anyone want to proceed on this journey with me? Leave a comment or send me a note - I know I'll need as much encouragement as I can get (smile).

I'll keep you updated on my progress!


  1. yay!! You are going to have so much fun with this Maggie! Your fabrics are gorgeous and the simple pattern will really show them off! please let me know if you have any questions!!
    Im so excited for you!!

  2. Can't wait to see it! Let me know if you need any help.

  3. I've made several quilt tops, but have never made a real, honest-to-goodness quilt and have been thinking about doing one too. I'm thinking baby size because my cousin's wife is expecting this summer. Maybe I'll blog about it too....well, then again, maybe not!

    Dana (from NoBowNoGo!)

  4. Girl... I'm in! :) But, what is a walking foot??? (I mean, besides what I tell Kate and Jake they need to use at the grocery store when I don't feel like pushing them in the cart) - Do I need one of these?

  5. Hi!! I'm a new follower, let me say that I love your blog, your ideas!! And I read in this post now that you're making your first quilt!!! That's so brave of you...:) I've finished my first last month!! If you have a good tutorial, then you should not fear at all!! Just dive in!!! The feeling of pleasure when you finish it is indescribable:)
    Maybe if you have the time you could stop over my blog @ sewhappiness.blogspot.com!! You might find something interesting to make
    Happy Quilting

  6. Maggie!! Yes, I'm a quilter too- I'll journey with you! I'm self taught, so not an old pro, but I'm old, does that count?

    Would love to "quilt" with you (maybe I'll start another project myself and we can work together)

    You have my email addy from your Everything Halloween party comments (I'm in Rock Falls, IL- the lady who has never been to Chicago! LOL)


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