I'm so excited!

A few weeks ago, I sent photographer Suymey Benson of Blossom Portraiture Art a couple of items from my summer collection to photograph for me. When she sent me the note to let me know they were ready and the sneak peak of the photos, I think I literally squealed! The photos are so gorgeous and I can't wait to post these items in my shop later this week! The way Suymey styled these shots is so darling & her model embodies exactly the look I was going for with the pieces...I could not be happier! Thank you so much, Suymey! Take a peek at a few of these amazing photos...


  1. What a stunning outfit this is! I am so luck to work with you and to photograph this set. Amazing work as usual Maggie!

  2. Lovely blog and so smitten with your things!

  3. Maggie!!! You never fail to amaze me!
    Your blog is beautiful! I love the way it looks and all the super cool links!! (Can you tell I have never blogged before??)
    Congratulations on your fabulous blog and your yummy new collection :)

  4. I need one of those tops for Abbey! So cute Maggie!!!

  5. Hi Maggie, I love the photographs and the darling outfits. The photos would make a great cover for those sewing patterns. :-)

    Take Care,


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