...first day of school...

Just wanted to share a couple of photos of the older kids on their first day of school...

I printed out the posters from I Heart Naptime...love love love them...

That GIANT scrape on Gray's face (next to his left eye)? He decided it would be good idea to fall off of his bike on Sunday night...just a mere 12 hours before his first day of 1st grade...poor baby...

And Tyler just couldn't help himself...he had to get in on the action...this is his favorite new photo pose...the "look at me, I'm an angel"-pose...he's not fooling anybody...

And speaking of poses...Gray has started seriously POSING in photos...this is just one of the many that he asked that I take of him...I think he's been studying my fashion magazines...

Love that.

Are your kids back in school yet? Are you excited? Sad? A little of both?


  1. Maggie can you feel the jealousy through your computer? First day is still two weeks from tomorrow but I finally broke down and got a babysitter for this morning. Mommy needs some Mommy time.

  2. Since I am off this school year, I am a little happy and sad... for ME! (No school yet for Ellie. Because really, not sure what they'd do at 5 months!)

  3. Poor guy...getting road rash before the first day! I love the pics!!!!

  4. Maggie, those kids are the cutest! I've got one that constantly has scrapes! I'm a little sad that they are both going to be in school this year! But I'm going to get so much done...I hope! :) Heather

  5. OH WHAT BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN!! (Mighty good photographer, you....)

  6. They're so stinkin' cute! Our littlest jumped in on the group photo too ... how funny! Hope these first days go well!

  7. Maggie your kids are adorable! Those signs are cute also, I think I'll have to make some for my kids.

  8. So cute! I'll have to create a sign for my younger daughter for her first day of......college! It will read "I'm a new college co-ed." We've taken first day of school pics ever since kindergarten...I think I see a project brewing.

  9. Maggie - your children are adorable. I wish I could say "I miss those days" but Hmmm... NOPE! I don't miss it a bit!! Seriously, cherish these moments because they grow so fast and before you know it they are grown. My Grandson started his first day of Pre-School this week and I cried when I talked to him on the phone! Our children are such a blessing!! Enjoy... AJ


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