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Yep. I'm gonna try to not eat sugar this week.

Does that sound hard to you? Well, it does to me. See...if you know me IRL (in real life), then you know how much I love to eat. And by love I mean LOOOOOOOVE...like no off-switch love to eat.

When I was younger, it was no big deal. I think I weighed 140 pounds from the day I started high school until the day I got married. Then I had 3 kids in 4 years and I just kept packing on the pounds...all the while telling myself it was no big deal, that the weight would come off when I stopped nursing, when I was getting a full night sleep, whatever...

But guess what? It didn't. I was still eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted...and it caught up to me and kicked me in the butt. Hard.

Last year I had decided I'd had enough and I took some pretty drastic measures to lose weight. I virtually stopped eating and tried to stay active ALL THE TIME. And guess what? It worked. I dropped almost 50 pounds in 3 months (yes, I know that is dangerous and not the best way to lose weight...I know, I know...), and I was back down to my 140 lbs. I felt awesome. Sooooo awesome. In fact, I felt so awesome, I decided I would start eating again, because I could always go back to not eating and I could lose the weight again. Uhn-uhn. Didn't happen. In fact, now I'm gaining weight like crazy and I've got to take control again. The right way.

Soooooo, I'm starting. Now.

This week I'm knocking out sugar. I have a huge sweet tooth, so this is going to be hard. Especially since Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Good thing the kids' schools don't allow treats anymore...
I've done it before, I know I can do it again. And if I can do it for a week, I know I can do it for longer.

I'm hoping to drop something new every few weeks and to add more and more activity as time goes by. This time I hope to lose the weight slowly...and to keep eating a lot...just eating the right things...

Wish me luck...


  1. I went off sugar in January 2010 so it has been over 2 years now. I followed The Belly Fat Cure book for awhile by limit sugar and carbs but now I mainly just worry about sugar. I lost 20 lbs and my husband lost 40 (he joined me after reading the book and seeing my success). I've gained a 4 lbs back but I'm not as strict about not eating sugar anymore. So, best of luck to you...I know you can do it because I did and I am a huge sugar addict!

  2. Oh boy do I relate! I went off of sugar at the beginning of the year and I am dreading the next couple of weeks that for us include not only Valentine's Day but several birthdays....including mine! AND I'm not losing weight which makes it a bit depressing and harder to stick with. OK, I'll stop complaining and get back to my sugar free life. :) Lisa~

  3. Good luck to you, my friend! I've had a few buddies do the no-sugar thing and they've done really well--they all said it was really hard at first but they just stopped craving it after awhile, even after they were done with the sugar fast. I'm not sure I have the willpower to try it myself (especially during Valentine's week!), but kudos to you for making healthy changes!

  4. I hope it goes well for you, cutting out sugar sounds so hard to me!

  5. Bah ah ha! That cartoon is HILARIOUS, Maggs!! ;)
    I'm going to eat EXTRA sugar just for you!

  6. Good luck! I wish I had the will power to cut out all sugar, but I really don't think I'm strong enough, all credit to you for even considering it.

  7. I love that cartoon! My mom only eats sugar on Sunday and she says that's the only way she can do it. She eats nothing but crap all Sunday long (the grandkids love to visit Grandma's house on a Sunday) but she stays away from it totally the rest of the week. I just try to avoid processed foods and I don't drink soda. I just need to work out more. :) Good luck Mags! You can do it!

  8. If you can make it through this week than you can totally do this!! I'm impressed that you chose to challenge yourself during this week!! You can totally do this.

  9. Good luck! So hard but you can do it. I hit that same point at the beginning of the summer and decided I was done with the extra baby weight. I've been running since June and eating well ... hard but I feel so much better and I'm running my first 5K this weekend.

    I'll be thinking about you this week ... you can do it!

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  11. You go Girl! Power to you over Sugar!!!
    Following now over at Linky too!
    ~Jen @ hutchinsonherd.blogspot.com

  12. You can do it Maggie!....than after you stop the sugar cravings you can help me stop them ;)

  13. What???? With all those Smarties in your house you choose now?!!! lol. Im j/k Im sure you can totally do it!! Im starting weight watchers back up this weekend. Lost 25lbs while I was on it last year and then stopped doing it after I went on vaca and started to gain a little back so Im starting back up. I guess that just means I have to eat ALL my Smarties this weekend ;)

    p.s. That cartoon is hilarious!


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