Bring on Spring! with TCBY frozen yogurt #CBias #TCBYGrocery guys know TCBY, right? The Country's Best Yogurt??? The place where we all went after class during high school to get full before dinner? That's know it.


Well, that amazing frozen yogurt, that used to be available only in TCBY shops is now available at Walmart! You heard me right! Isn't that amazing?!?! And to celebrate the launch of TCBY's new products in Walmart stores, I decided to hold a "Bring on Spring" party after school with some of the kids' friends.


Kinsley and I went shopping for the yogurt and toppings last weekend and we loaded up on a bunch of wonderful things to top our yogurt with.

First we grabbed at least one of every yogurt flavor our Walmart had available:
*Strawberry Swirl
*English Toffee Crunch
*Supreme Cookies & Cream
*Classic Vanilla Bean

and the frozen yogurt novelty treats:
*Strawberry Swirl Bars
*Orange & Vanilla bars
*Classic Vanilla Sandwiches
*and Chocolate Fudge Bars (my absolute favorite!)

Then we picked up a whole bunch of things we thought would taste great on our frozen yogurt...

Wanna see the rest of our shopping trip? Well, you can...right here on Google+...

When we got done shopping, I shoved all of the frozen yogurt and treats into our small little freezer, and made some calls & sent some texts to see who could come to our little impromptu party.

Then, when Wednesday came, I set up all of our toppings and all of our treats and we waited for school to end so that our friends could come over and celebrate spring & TCBY!

We set out some waffle cones & chocolate-dipped cones...

Some cherries & sprinkles...

More sprinkles...

Strawberry & Pineapple toppings (love love love these...oh my gosh, my mouth is watering just looking at these photos!)... fudge!

And then came the frozen yogurt...

And the novelty treats...

The kids absolutely adored the frozen yogurt! And the moms couldn't believe TCBY, the treat we all loved and enjoyed as kids, was now available at Walmart!

Anthony loved the Vanilla Bean!

So did Cameron...he had 3 servings!!!

Grayson liked the Vanilla Sandwiches the best...

Not sure whether Kate actually got any in her mouth...but she loved the Vanilla Bean, too!

Leah said she loved the Cookies & Cream most...

...and Meg liked them all!

I think we did pretty well...we didn't have much of anything left...

...this was the second container of Vanilla Bean!

This sundae was all mine...and it was gooooood. I really love the Fudge Bars the best, but I'll take one of these any ol' day...

Make sure you check out all of the flavors available at your local Walmart...some stores have a wider variety and different sizes than other stores, but you'll have no trouble locating the TCBY...the bright, clean packaging is super-easy to find! Wanna make sure your yogurt will be waiting for you when you get to Walmart? Just check here...

TCBY, friends & spring...what could be more perfect?

  • DISCLOSURE: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias - ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. Seriously...this frozen yogurt is delicious...


  1. Wow! What a fun party! Love your pictures. :)

  2. They all look like they are really enjoying it and yes the frozen yogurt really is that good!

  3. What a fun party!!! loved the waffle cones...mmm that would be perfect with TCBY!!! cutie pie kids too!!! xoxo- Rachel

  4. I loved having this party - I was such a popular mm that day! This FroYo is so good! I am kind of Walmart did not have a huge selection...I surely hope they get more - what a great product.

  5. Cute! Love the pictures of the kiddos. Loved this opportunity!

  6. Yummy! what fun--and your pictures are wonderful!

  7. Didn't even care when they went back for seconds (or thirds) it's yogurt, right?! So yummy, kids (and moms) loved it! Thanks Maggie!

  8. A sundae sounds delish right now... You dirty tease. haha. :)

  9. Yum, that's my kind of party!

  10. I am loving your aqua spoons! Great party darling, Coryanne

  11. Fun party! looks like everyone enjoyed their TCBY treat.

  12. Those dipped cones look AMAZING! What a fun party!


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