Blast from the Past! quick & easy Halloween snack...

Halloween is just around the corner! Woo hoo!

This year I haven't made tons of time for Halloween projects, so I wanted to share just a couple of my favorites from last year...

This is a snack I made for a kids' Halloween party - it went over like gangbusters! Not only are these little guys adorable, but they are also extremely economical & tasty!

Here are my little Mummy Pretzels...

Cute, huh?

If you saw these last year, and you made them, I'd love to know...

Here's all you need to make them...

I got the little eyes in the craft department at Wal-Mart...near all of the baking supplies...and you know what the almond bark is, right? I got mine at, again, Wal-Mart, by the cake mixes, etc...they have chocolate, melts really quickly and is really easy to work with. I think they sell the candy eyes all over now, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them.

How is your Halloween decorating going? Have you finished? Have you started? Are you already thinking about Thanksgiving & Christmas? (Please say "no" to that last question...;))


  1. these are way tooooooo cute!

  2. Cute, the grandkids would love them.


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