remembering Thanksgiving...

From now on I want to remember every bit of our holidays...from the decorations, to the food, to the celebrations themselves.

So this year I created a Thanksgiving binder...

I wanted a way to save family recipes, organize new recipes, file away decor inspiration, scrap party photos, etc. And I think this will be just perfect...

The binder covers are are made from a Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Memory File that I cut in half...and the inside dividers are mainly Mini Memory Files (again cut in half).

I found these recipe binder refills on clearance at Archiver's and they were the start of the whole project...I punched the holes in the folders and the rest of the inside pieces to correspond to the holes in the refills.

I've included my to-do list...and added a few extra pages for subsequent years' Thanksgiving feast preparations...

A page of decor inspiration from some of my favorite magazines...

Heidi's Digital Files make appearances throughout the binder...they are just so awesome...

The kids and I are filling out this page with things we are grateful for this year...

The Thanksgiving silhouette cut was made using Heidi's Digital Gratitude Files and Color Shine in Bronzer...

I hope that someday...after years of Thanksgiving memories are kids will look through this binder and remember our times together during the holiday season...


  1. Maggie...You are on some kind of creative roll right now. YOU are amaze balls! And I love this idea.

  2. Some day we'll all be buying the Maggie Massey line ... you are SO talented.

  3. Very nice . You have " Mad Skills , Girl. " !..Seriously , your binder is beautiful .

  4. That binder is GORGEOUS and is such a fun idea. Love that you can add to it throughout the years. You're so talented Maggie :)

  5. Oh Mag's this is utterly breathtaking, I adore the simplicity of it...truly stunning!

  6. So awesome. Elizabeth gave me a book along the same lines for Christmas a few years ago and I love it. I love remembering all the little details. However, I'm not the scrapbooker you are so mine isn't anywhere near as pretty.

  7. WOW! This is fantastic and inspirational! Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  8. Maggie - so sweet. Gave me chills just thinking how your kids will cherish the memories that you are documenting for them.

  9. What a sweet idea! The binder itself and all the inserts are so pretty!

  10. Question: I see you used Heidi's digital "thanks" (which I also it!) and it looks like you cute out "thanks" and the circle and "giving" as one piece...Or are my eyes deceiving me? Did you cut everything separately? I am using the Sizzix Eclips and admit I'm a bit of a novice -- can you offer any suggestions? Thank you SO much!

  11. Ummmm.... Hello! So awesome lady! xoxo

  12. Ummmm.... Hello! So awesome lady! xoxo


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