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So, tonight I was getting all ready to do some more work on my quilt when I happened to pop over to one of my favorite blogs, thompson family-life ...bad (or great, depending on how I look at it) idea...

Here, at this amazing blog, I decided to venture into the deep dark seedy underworld of digital scrapbooking...just looking through Danielle Thompson's work, I was so inspired I headed over to Jessica Sprague's shop (where Danielle sells some of her kits & embellishments) and loaded up my cart. Then I searched the web and found some free digital kits at Shabby Princess...(like the one I used with K's photo, from Carrie Stephens)

Seriously, I'm hooked. I've always scrapbooked the old fashioned way - but, to be honest, it takes me sooooo long...I never get very far very fast. Seriously, my kids are 6, 4 & 2 and I think I have 8 pages done altogether...:( BUT, now I can get pages done lickety-split!!! I'm so super excited about this I can hardly stand it (my husband is rather less so...but he patiently deals with my compulsivity).

Here are my first "pages" -

These took me only about an hour!!! Can you believe that?!?! Well, maybe you can...but I can't! Normally, 2 pages like this would take me the better part of an afternoon while I arranged & re-arranged and strolled around Archiver's looking for the perfect embellishments. But, alas, no more!

Geez, I love learning new things...

Got anymore great digital scrapbooking sites you can send my way? Please leave a comment and let me know!

And don't forget to leave a comment for my earlier "Tote Bag Giveaway" post - it's your instant entry! The winner of the tote will be announced April 3!


  1. LOVE the digital scrapbook ideas...i am going to look into it. thanks for sharing. Cute you like to learn new is fun!


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