New Quilt: Step 1 PLUS My First Giveaway!

So, I got all my fabric squares ready for this first quilt o'mine and realized...hmm...directions say 40 10"x10" squares" - I have 24 10"x10" squares...note to self: always read the ENTIRE listing before you purchase...soooo, needless to say, I had to cut more squares. Well, I enlisted the help of my 4-year-old and we cut more squares (I didn't have any other Nicey Jane prints, but I think we did OK). Then he laid them all out for me...not sure if this is the pattern I will go with, but I think he did a pretty darn good job.

Now, on to the strip cutting & sewing...yay!!!

Now...drum roll it is! My first giveaway! The prize for this time around is this little tote bag & the 3 fabric flower brooches attached to it (these are removable & look adorable on just about anything...;))

This REVERSIBLE tote is made with both Sandi Henderson & Tina Givens fabrics and measures approximately 16" tall x 14" wide...perfect for holding all of your necessities while shopping, at the beach, or on a trip to the library.
Wouldn't you just love to own it???

Now, here's all you have to do to be entered:
*Leave a comment after this post and tell me about your ideal spring day...

You can earn additional chances to win by:
*Subscribing to my newsletter and then leaving a comment to let me know you did so;
*Following my blog and then leaving a comment letting me know you did so;
*Blogging about this giveaway and letting me know you did.

If you are already a subscriber or follower, pls. leave a comment letting me know...thanks!

This contest will run through Friday, April 2 & the winner will be picked at random from all comments received (I will number them all with 1 being the first comment rec'd and so on - then I will head over to and have a number selected) as soon as I wake up Saturday, April 3 and the winner will be notified by email.

Thanks so much!!! And good luck!


  1. My ideal spring day is in the park while the kiddies are playing and I am reading a book....then I pinch myself and realize if I were in the park, I'd be chasing them around....:-)

  2. Ideal spring day....sitting on my front porce with my hubby while the kids run around/ride bikes. Love my front porch and love to people watch from the porch. I think you wanted to know that I joined your mailing list. I love that tote!!! I think if I don't win we will be having a convo on how I get me one of those!!

  3. Girl I just have to say the quilt looks cool! and the tote is just wonderful! You are so crafty and I just love it!!! See ya soon!!! (pick me pick me!!!)

  4. Love the tote and the fabric flowers!!

  5. My ideal spring day is a day like today. Sitting in the grass and playing with my soon to be 3 year old and her best friend (my best friend's daughter). There's a wonderful breeze, the sun is shining and it's BEAUTIFUL outside! If Phoenix was this nice every day I'd never want to leave!

    I'm following you and subscribing to your newsletter :)

  6. Girl! :) LOVE the quilt layout. Beautiful! You...are...amazing!!! Okay, you know my story - I try to subscribe to follow your blog but my computer is d-u-m-b DUMB! (and yet i cant help but wonder if the computer, like my sewing machine, may work just fine, but maybe the person in charge of it may have an issue or two?) anyway - spring day - ummm, dream big, right? my perfect spring day (and all other days too for that matter) would find me in Hawaii on the beach, watching my kids play in the sand (a place where there is enough room for Jake to be Jake - safely!) and possibly a fruity beverage by my side :) and patrick jane - i mean MY HUSBAND - laying right next to me in the sand! hah! maybe both of them fighting over me??? ooh, this is a fun dream! :) alright, better sign off and leave room for the next person to comment :) LOVE YA GIRL!!!

  7. Maggie! My perfect spring day is sitting in the back yard with a sister, smelling spring smells, hearing spring sounds, and watching my kids and their cousins run around and play. : ) Spring ROCKS!!! {and I love that bag... : ) }

  8. i think your progress looks great on the quilt maggie. you chose some great fabrics to go with nicey jane!! the tote looks marvelous! and i think it would be an ideal spring day to spend at the park with the family...and i follow your blog!


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