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You ever have a weekend that is just great? That's what this past weekend was for me...great. On Saturday, my Mom and I attended a conference on women's health and nutrition...not the sort of thing that usually has me flying out of my seat - but I have to admit, it was wonderful...we had a marvelous time! Then we did a little shopping in downtown Geneva - which has the best boutique shopping - at a few of my favorite shops...this one, Circa, is amazing. Absolutely love love love everything in the store..., I could spend an entire day in this shop and still not see everything there is to offer.

Then we made our way to Wool & Company - a darling little yarn shop where my Mom bought some lace yarn and I got these amazing buttons...can't wait to use them!

Sunday was just as great! I went to dinner with some grade school friends and came home and finished piecing & sewing my quilt - yay!!! And today I ordered my walking foot and bought my batting...this baby is coming along!

AND, if you've never seen the DIY Dish, you simply must. The hosts are just wonderful and the projects are super easy. A wonderful way to get your creative juices flowing! (You know...I've always disliked that particular saying...I can't believe I just used it...yuck).


  1. yep, sounds like a great weekend maggie and oh my, your quilt looks fabulous!! i love all the extras you used to match the nicey jane!!

  2. Love the quilt so fun to see it come together..
    so fun you attened the conference on women's health and nutrition..right up my alley...wish I was there and shopping too..how fun..glad you had a nice time

  3. Love Circa!!! Your quilt is darling, I am finishing one up too, so many projects, OH MY!! Enjoy your day :)


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