Blog Swap with Simple Simon & Co.

Yay! Yay! Yay! Today I'm blog-swappin' with the girls at Simple Simon & Co! Here's what I'm making over there...

If you're visiting from Elizabeth & Liz's blog, then welcome! I hope you stay awhile and find something to inspire you...

Before I introduce Elizabeth (1/2 of the creative genius behind SS&Co), let me first show you some of the amazing work those girls do...these are just two of the fantastic projects you'll find...

Just look at that clothing...gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...
Now here's Elizabeth to show you another fun idea!

Hi. I am Elizabeth from Simple Simon and Co, where I blog with my sister-in-law. We love to blog about sewing, especially designing and sewing vintage children's clothing with modern twists, but we mix in other sewing projects too. We also love to craft, find vintage things while thrifting, and we also love to craft on a budget--especially on $5 Fridays!

Today I have a tutorial for you for a Halloween skirt. Ok, I will admit, it's not your typical Halloween skirt. And although I LOVE me some good over-the-top Halloween skirts (and have made quite a few), this year I wanted to make a vintagy-looking skirt that she could wear again and again. So, I came up with a simple skirt with some vintage ric rac sewn to it that gives a Halloween flair, but will be wearable for a school skirt over and over again. And here's how you do it if you need a fast Halloween skirt too.

One note about ric rac. If you have never sewn on ric's a quick tip. You do not need to zig zag stitch the ric rac on the skirt. If you look at the ric rac you will see a straight line in the middle, just sew a straight line down the middle.

Thanks Maggie for having me! You know how much we adore your blog! (You will never know how badly I was stressing over these photos ;) cause we all know that you are the queen of amazing photography!)


Simple Simon & Co

Thank you so so much for swapping with me today, Elizabeth! I adore this skirt...I think the black on white is just perfect...


  1. Thanks photography queen!!!! And everyone better head over to see your project...Liz needed your inspiration for her pillowcase stack from the dollar store....

  2. I love the jumbo rick rack, simple & quick but stands out.

  3. I love it! And so smart to make it wearable post-Halloween . . . I always love the holiday ideas but have a hard time motivating myself to make something that can be worn precisely one time.

  4. This is adorable. And I totally pinned your Halloween bag cuz OHMYGOSH it's darling!!

  5. So cute i should make one for my grand daughter! Joann

  6. Good work. i want to make it with my daughter.

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