My Bathroom Closet Makeover - AC Round 2

Well, the polls are open for Round 2 of American Crafter!

As you can see, this week's challenge was "House of Order" - the perfect motivator for a much-needed household project...

My husband and I completely remodeled one of our bathrooms last's gorgeous...I love it...BUT, there was one downfall...the bathroom closet. Have a look for yourself...and don't judge.

Because there is about 2 feet of space between the closet and the wall, I wasn't able to get a full-view photo...but, hopefully, you can get an idea of just how yucky it is with the patchwork photo.

The closet is built into the space above a set of stairs, so the back wall slopes at a rather dramatic angle. The shelves are awfully deep and items are constantly getting lost. The top shelf is really high and pushed way back, so things are almost impossible to reach.

In order for the kids to get to just about anything, they have to climb the slope and then wedge themselves into the door jamb and hope they can reach what they need with one hand while holding the wall with the other...not practical, not pretty...just plain "not."

BUT, with just $10 and some things we already had around the house I was transformed that giant mess into something much more organized...

Here are some better photos of the after:

This new and improved closet makes me so happy...I actually like opening the door to it now! And there's room for more realizing after you're in the shower that you forgot to bring up a towel from the laundry room...yeeesss.

I would love if you would head over to Naptime Crafters to vote for your favorite projects! And if my closet makeover happens to be one of your favorite, then all the better...(smile)...

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