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A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Big Picture Classes detailing a new class they were starting for the New Year...One Little Word. The idea is to pick a "word of the year" and to focus on that word...to let it shape your year...to use it to help define your projects and your life. I was inspired immediately...and I knew exactly what word I would pick to be my word...ACCOMPLISH.

You see...I am a list maker...I make lists for everything. To Do lists, To Buy lists, To Make lists, you name it, I have a list for it...I am AWESOME at making lists. What I'm not so awesome at is finishing the tasks that fill up my lists...(except my "To Buy" list...I'm pretty darn good at completing that list...). So this year, I'm going to focus on accomplishing things...things that have been left undone in my home, and in my life.

I am also turning 40 this November...so I will be concentrating on completing my 40 Before 40 list, too...yikes...I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew.

Anyone wanna join me?
Do you have "one word" you are focusing on this year?


  1. I'm also good at making list and have my planner with me always. If I didn't write down my to do's I wouldn't get anything done but I also dont finish everything on my list.

  2. Man oh man, accomplish NEEDS to be my word this year!

  3. Great word. Mine is "Check". As in every time I complete a class, an assignment, a project of any kind. I will "check" it off my list. I have a year left of nursing school so each check is one check closer to graduating. Whoo-hoo.

  4. Great word! Mine for this year is RECLAIM

    Should get back to reclaiming my mornings by getting off the computer :)

  5. Wow, I may have to steal YOUR word. In fact your post sounds exactly like me, well except for the 40 part... I hit that milestone a few years ago :(


  6. I think that's a great word - I hope it serves to be inspiration to youas you are inspiration to others. :)

    I need to go read your 40 before 40. I've been too scared to write one of those lists...partly because I'm afraid I won't be able to do the things I write, and partly beause it means admitting I'll be 40 in just a few years!! (Ok, five, but still...) ;)

  7. That IS a great word and SHOULD definitely be my word for this year as well after reviewing my list of unaccomplished goals from 2011!

  8. If I had to pick a word for this year it would be FOCUS. I want to focus more on family, on goals, on my blog, and on living life to the fullest :)

    I am a lister too - I am making a list right now!! The only problem is that I get too many lists going at once and then I loose the one I am looking for :)

  9. My word is POSITIVE. I have recently turned a corner and am doing my best to be positive about where I am and where I am going. I am trying to notice all the good stuff around me and the good things that happen to me. By the end of 2012 I would like to be a POSITIVE person without even trying!

  10. I'm a list maker too! I love the thrill of crossing things off! :) Great word!!!

  11. Hi Maggie...just stopped by for a visit after spotting your "word of the year" over at The Lettered Cottage link party. It caught my eye because I chose the same...accomplish!
    I too love to make lists...this year I vow to accomplish them. Check out my home goals on my blog www.elegantnest.blogspot.com
    Cheers to a year full of accomplishments for both of us!!

  12. What a great word for the year: Accomplish. I've found with Pinterest, I'll pin all day long, then go away and forget it all. This year I'm pinning, then pausing to make something from my pins. It's fun! Thanks for sharing your great word with us. Mine is Giving, and that's going to be the focus for me this year. Hugs ~ Mary

  13. Love your word! Mine is organize-my home, my head and my life!!Following you from Layla's party-stop by for a visit!


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