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I have a secret to tell you...

I don't like to clean. I love to have things clean...I just don't like to have to make them that way. So, when it comes time for me to clean, it has to be easy...and convenient...and not too time consuming.

I keep a basket full of cleaning stuff in each of the bathrooms...this way I can give them a quick scrubbin' while the kids are in the bath or shower...or before I head to bed at night. I also keep one in the laundry room and one in the kitchen. I guarantee, if the supplies weren't as handy as they are, my house wouldn't be cleaned half as often as it is now.

Even though all around cleaning is not really my thang, there is one aspect of housekeeping that I absolutely have to stay on top every.single. day. Mirrors & windows. My absolute biggest cleaning pet peeve is yucky, finger-printed, toothpaste flecked, smudgy glass...yuck. HATE IT. In fact, I have been known to stand in front of a mirror for ever, checking it out from every angle, just to make sure you can't see any smudges.

I've tried almost every product on the market to eliminate those dreadful streaks...nothing works. They've all promised me "no streaks, no smudges," and I've been disappointed over and over.

So, when Nathan from Fish Foam contacted me regarding a product review for Fish Foam Glass Cleaner, I was really skeptical. I've tried foam cleaners...and, while they do work better than sprays (in my opinion), I still haven't found one that eliminates the smudges...and the odor associated with some of these? Oh my heck, I have to hurry up and clean the windows and then run from the room before I pass out.

But, I thought, what the heck...I have nothing to lose. About a week later, this is what showed up at my door (this photo is just a representation...obviously...if just the three cans had appeared at my door, I'd have been scared).

I grabbed a can and ran right upstairs and sprayed & wiped down the mirrors in the bathroom...

Wait a minute...what was going on? No smudges. No smudges. And the foam was thick and not runny and just a quick spray was enough to do the entire respraying. AND, NO deadly odor...none...this had to be a fluke. Even the worst products work sometimes, right? So, I took my can and went down to the kitchen...where our sliding glass door is... it's one of the dirtiest "windows" in our entire house...the kids hands are like magnets to this door, so it's constantly gross. 

Just a quick spray and wipe...and again, perfection. I was starting to get I headed to our dining room and the large mirror that sits on our buffet...this is the mirror I'll stand in front of and buff and buff and buff until my arms are tired. Spray, wipe...awesome. Again. I'm sold. Fish Foam is awesome. And by awesome, I mean AWESOME...bold AND in italics...that's pretty awesome.

And guess what else? You can win some...woo hoo! Yep! Fish Foam is generously giving away 3 cans of it's amazing window cleaner to 3 winners!!! You heard me right! 3 WINNERS!

Here's all you have to do...please leave a separate comment for each entry...

1. Be a follower of M{S}G...our giveaways are for our awesome followers only...
2. "Like" Fish Foam on Facebook...
3. Let me know your least favorite cleaning chore...

3 chances to win! Yay!

The contest will run from right now until January 16 at midnight CST...the winners will be announced Tuesday, January 17.

Good luck!

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