back to school...teacher's gift with Canvas Corp.

My kids went back to school a week ago last Monday...and I'm amazed at how quiet the house has become (I'm NOT complaining). Everyone seems to be off to a great start!

Are your kids back yet? Well, whether they are or not, here is a darling little idea (a combination of inspiration I found here & here) for anytime...

As soon as I saw these little back-to-school pouches, I knew I wanted to make them...

But I used something a little different for my pouches...I started with a few items from Canvas Corp.

...some scrapbook paper, some canvas shapes & some paper tags...these items are so versatile - you can use them for ANY project...and they can be misted, painted, stenciled on, whatever! to give you a custom look...

The 5x7 canvas cards are some of my favorite items...I took a few of these and ripped the seams out of one of the long sides. Then I just reinforced the stitching down the two short sides on my sewing machine. Guess what? You're done with the pouch!

Then I just grabbed some of the canvas tags & a few odds and ends and attached them to the pouch with paper clips (very back-to-school-y, don't you think?)...

I cut some tabs out of the Canvas Corp scrapbook paper (I am sooooo diggin' navy blue right now) and adhered them to the tags...

I popped some king sized KitKats into the pouches & wrapped them up with some Canvas Corp black Waxed Cotton Cord...

Now...for the amazing candy pencils...have you seen these? They have been all over Pinterest, and they are ADORABLE! Here is a tutorial for them...

When I give gifts, I like to include something the recipient can use again...for example, I didn't write on the tags I included with this gift...I left them finished and plain, so that, hopefully, the kids' teachers will recycle them...same with the pouches...

I adore Canvas Corp. because there products are just so useful...and so lovely...and so make-something-awesome-able. Stop back tomorrow because maybe...just maybe...there will be a HUGE Canvas Corp. giveaway right here...maybe. 


  1. awesomeable? is that a maggie word?
    i missed this. always a serendipity to catch up, though. fun, fun gift for teachers. you are so thoughtful that way.

  2. These are darling!!!!
    Our kids just started Wednesday - and I'm SO glad!

  3. It's time to go back to school. Teachers are their to say us welcome and we get gifts from them. These gifts are only for our motivation because after getting gifts we come school in a routine and learn more about topic, which is important for us to make our better future.

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