my pantry door...the inside...

Yesterday I shared my overhauled pantry door with you...

Today I'll show you what I've done on the inside...

As I mentioned yesterday, I painted the inside of the door, too, because, inevitably, this door is opened a million times each I wanted it look decent.

I've been trying to do more menu planning so I decided to add a menu board that I made last year (I found a frame at Goodwill, asked my husband to cut a piece of plywood to fit, painted it with chalkboard paint, and added the word "menu," which I cut with my Silhouette). I kept the frame gold because I'm kinda diggin' it that way right now...

Then I stuck a cork trivet from Ikea on top of the board to use as a pinboard for coupons, recipes, whatever...

I found these awesome file pockets in the Martha Stewart section at Staples...they have adhesive at the top so you can stick them anywhere. And they are cut shorter in the front so that you can access the contents really easily.

While I was at Staples, I also picked up some Martha Stewart labels (which are AWESOME because Avery has printing templates for them), and a coupon organizer. I printed on the labels, stuck one on the organizer (which now holds restaurant coupons) and one on the file folder (which now holds menus).

I did a little organizing inside the pantry, too. We have precious little pantry space so I have to be organized (mind you, I usually end up having to reorganize every week...the kids just aren't as into it as I am...but I'm workin' on 'em).

I use baskets to keep like products together...and I've moved most of my dry goods to large canisters that I got at Ikea. I use small vintage bread pans to hold drink mixes and oatmeal packets...

And these "under-the-shelf" baskets from The Container Store are my absolute FAVORITE part of my pantry...they are the perfect size and they take care of all that wasted space above my baskets. I use them in my dish cupboards, too, to hold small plates and cups.

So there you have new and improved pantry, inside & out.

Do you have any "small spaces" organizing tips? I'd LOVE to hear them...


  1. What a great way to utilize the inside of the door! I need to do the same with mine. It would help get rid of the clutter on my fridge ;)

  2. love so much of this.
    and totally get the need to re-organize every week...well, with kids and everything.
    will probably need to pluck a few of these ideas for myself.

  3. love love love!

    molly @threesisterz

  4. love it!!! :) :) Have a great weekend! xx Holly

  5. I need to do something to my pantry door too. I could actually use a couple of those under-the-shelf baskets. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. It looks great. I love your use of vintage bread pans ... I wouldn't have thought of that. Our pantry is super small and I'm constantly reorganizing as well.

  7. Love it, especially the menu idea.

  8. Great job! Love the organization!
    So, what's cooking? lol

  9. I NEED some of those under the shelf baskets!!! Love it Maggie! So organized!

  10. I need to do some organizing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. love this Maggie. I've been begging Jon to build a door for our pantry so I can hang stuff on the back. Right now we have the traditional bi-fold door and its a pain in my butt!


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