DIY photo flip thing like they used to make years ago...sorta.

Do you remember those photo books that you would open and there would be a long stack of photos on each that you could flip? Does that even make sense?

I know that I've seen them before...a long time ago...please tell me I'm not the only one.

Well, Heidi Swapp has a product that is pretty much the same thing...only much cooler...the new Foto Stack's like a little mini-book, but different in that you can do so many more things with cute.

Now do you remember those albums?

Well, it was this Foto Stack (and those old albums) that gave me the inspiration for my latest paper project ...I just call it a Vertical Photo Flipper...I'm great with names...not.

To make this little beauty I used Heidi's Vintage InstaFrames...

...some washi/deco tape, twine, and a couple of staples.

To make one like mine, grab a piece of sturdy paper or cardboard...I actually used the packaging that came with the InstaFrames...I plan to mount this in my summer Memory File, so it won't matter that the back has writing on it.

I placed some Instagram photos that I printed out on adhesive paper into the frames and glued the frames shut.

Next I added a few of the rub-ons and stickers that come with the frames to the photos...

Then I simply attached the framed photos to the backing with some washi/deco tape...starting at the bottom and working my way up...

Finally I wrapped some twine around the top and stapled it in place...quick and easy...and a great way to add a bunch of photos in a small amount of room...

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