Artful and GIVEAWAY!

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent a new book to review...

Artful Halloween by Susan Wasinger...

Just the name of this book was enough to get me to open it and check out the projects. Those of you who have been reading Midwestern Girl for a while probably already know that I am NOT into  "cute" home decor - in fact, anything described as "cute" is probably something I will not buy. It follows that the traditional Halloween cutesy pumpkins and little witches & adorable little cats with witch hats on are not (EVER!) going to be making an appearance in my house. Just my personal preferences...

So, reading the subtitle "31 Frightfully Elegant Projects" was really pretty refreshing.

This book is filled with fun, unique, definitely not "cute" projects that really offer an "elegant and stylish take on the holiday," to quote the author. And Ms. Wasinger's conversational writing style really appeals to me. Her explanations are clear and concise and easy to follow and the numerous photos of the process as well as those of the final product are fantastic.

In the beginning of the book, Ms. Wasinger details everything  that you will need to complete the projects...and she stresses that these items are NOT hard to find (awesome...there's nothing worse than buying a how-to book and then realizing you need to spend tons of money buying the "ingredients"). She also explains that if you can complete the most basic of crating techniques that you will not find it difficult to complete the projects in the book (again, awesome). In fact, a few of these projects are even kid-friendly...without much adult supervision (for kids older than about 7, I'd say).

Let me show you just a couple of my favorite projects...

This pennant garland is gorgeous and will definitely be part of my Halloween decor this year...

Imagine a smattering of these black lace votives around your party table...creepy without being over the top...understated with big impact is the name of the game...

And, finally, these thread-wrapped pumpkins make for gorgeous decor both indoors and out.

Pretty fantastic ideas, huh? And there are 27 more like that...yep.

So, what do you think? Do these projects look like something you'd like to tackle this Halloween? How would you like a chance to win this book? Well, you're in luck...

Just fill out the Rafflecopter below. One MG reader will win Artful Halloween by Susan Wasinger...WOO HOO!

Good luck! And Happy Halloween Crafting... a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. How great! Im not a cutesy halloween decor either, but I do enjoy the gothic vintage feel that some people pull off!

  2. such cool ideas. i LOVE how the pumpkins are decorated. if only i had more time to devote to home decor sigh....;) maybe one day! LOVE the inspiration. xo

  3. If I was a halloween girl I would probably love this.
    However, the candles are gorgeous as are the elegant pumpkins.


  4. Oh this is right up my alley! Looks like a fantastic book.

  5. Looks like a refreshing take on Halloween decor! I don't do cutesy either!

  6. Looks like there are so many cool ideas in there! I'm not into cutesy Halloween either, so this would be perfect!


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