A fun layout with Lifestyle Crafts...or: how I can't get enough arrows...no really...I can't.

For the past week or so I've been giving you guys the lowdown on some of the fantastic products that were released at the CHA Winter 2013 show...but today I'm going to show you something I made with some product I was actually able to get my hands on...woo hoo!

Lifestyle Crafts released an amazing amount of Core Products at the show...and, as always with their new releases, they have really outdone themselves. I got to play with these two dies...

...and, because I've been so hooked on scrapbooking lately, I decided to make a layout with some of my favorite photos from, where else? California...

I don't usually scrapbook in grids, but after moving around the pieces and photos that I wanted to use for this layout, I thought the grid was really the way to go. And you know what? I'm reeeeaaaalllly diggin' it...I just may try to scrap this way again...soon.

I used some fantastic kraft/wood veneer graphic patterned paper to cut out my arrows...and, I have to admit, I had no idea just how many things I would be able to do with them! The die actually cuts three shapes, an inside arrow and an outline (!!!) and one differently shaped arrow. And as soon as I cut my first row I knew that I wanted to use the paper from which the arrows were cut as a design element in my layout. You can see it there along the bottom of my page...seriously awesome.

I thought it would be cool to add the arrows that I had just cut back into the piece they came from, but I wanted to make them stand out as well...I love the way they turned out...

For the pockets, I used the same paper I used for the arrows...

The are the absolute PERFECT size to hold little journaling tags, and, for those of you who do Project Life, they are the perfect size for your pockets! Woo hoo! What I love most about this die is that you can cut the perfect little pocket out of any paper you choose! Need just one, cut one! Need 50? Cut 50! Love...

On the above pocket I attached one arrow with one patterned side up, and the other one on top with the other patterned side up...I love the dimension and texture and look that they give the layout. Then I just tucked a little vintage toothpick behind the arrows to give them a banner-type look.

I have been NUTS over arrows lately...if you've seen some of my recent scrap work, you will see that I simply can't get enough of them. And with this die, all I have to do is run a few sheets of patterned paper through my Epic and I have enough arrows, in enough different sizes and shapes, to last me at least a little while.

OOOOH! I just thought of this!!! How cool would it be to cut out some hearts and a few of these arrows and then use them and 14 of these pockets to make a Valentine's Day countdown calendar?!? 

I wish I'd made one! Maybe I still will...


  1. Um kind of dying over the arrows here!! I didn't know they made an arrow die! I don't even have a lifestyle crafts machine and I want that die lol. Sooooo cute!

  2. Maggie! So cute! Great use of the lifestyle craft dies. Wish I had littles again so I could have subject to do the Project Life Journal! I did arrows on my blog too. I hope you stop by and check it out. http://wp.me/p24Fnq-r5

  3. Im lovin this Mags, the memories, your design the photos all so amazing!

  4. Oh my dearie. I love this layout! Plus that is my cupcake.

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  6. Sorry...I was signing in the wrong account, oops! I just love those mini envelopes! You rock!

  7. I love your style and your page that was on the SC blog yesterday, love your layouts and yes that photo of you in the previous post is very cool :)


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