Where on earth...?!?!?!

...has the time gone?????

Can it really be that summer is half over already? I feel like I was just getting the kids ready for their last day of school...I remember not too long ago when I was anxiously awaiting their arrivals home so that we could "get started" with lazy days, trips to the pool & sleeping in (wait, did I just say sleeping in??? I meant sleeping until 6:00 am and then having 2 crazy monkey-boys run and jump up on my bed yelling, "Can we watch Billy the Exterminator on On Demand????" No, seriously...those are my mornings...;)).

Anyway...the kids go back to school in just 6 short weeks...6 weeks!!!! So far this summer we have enjoyed BBQs with friends, water parks, the beach, the zoo, trips to Granny's house, the slip-n-slide, TONS of mosquitos (our town doesn't spray & we live surrounded by forest preserves - go figure), shopping trips, playdates & the aforementioned Billy the Exterminator...

We've had tons of fun already & (thankfully) no trips to the ER (yet...fingers crossed). How have you all been enjoying the summer? Let me know! I'd love to hear!!!

Some of my favorite summer photos so far...

Be on the lookout next week when I FINALLY get back to more sewing & scrapping projects...CAN'T WAIT!!!!!


  1. fantastic pictures maggie! i have been thinking about you as i have made ZERO progress thru sandi henderson's book! None, Zilch, Zero!! i would lvoe to try the ruffle skirt and the headband with big flower though!!

  2. fun to see the pictures seem like you added a old time tint..looks good...
    i cannot believe it either..too fast!
    mosquitos are here too in WI they are EVERYWHERE! sure makes this harder to enjoy at times in the summer. love hearing from you!


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